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Utopia Talk / Politics / This didnt happen ed. 1
Sun Feb 03 11:33:45

Gay black actor claims MAGA crowd in Chicago attacked him and put a noose around his neck. I dont think this happened. I think there is a lot more to this story that will come out and embarrass this dude.
Sun Feb 03 12:04:02
I think his story holds up enough that it can't be discounted out of hand...but it does require you to believe that Chicago's North Side has MAGA-supporting rednecks who feel emboldened enough to carry out premeditated attacks on black people in what is essentially a core urban downtown area.

Not giving his phone to police to back up his story isn't a strike against him - many people wouldn't feel comfortable doing that - but it doesn't help him either. The use of the rope is pretty unusual though. If he is lying, we'll probably need one of the perpetrators' stories before we can conclusively make that determination.

The media's instant jumping all over this story as evidence that America is basically still in the days of lynching negroes is of course completely cringeworthy, but what more can you expect from those hacks.
Average Ameriacn
Sun Feb 03 12:07:13
Did he steal a car or why the rope?
Sun Feb 03 12:08:45
Also, it's shocking how much of a shithole Chicago actually is:

"While gun violence continues to decline throughout Chicago in 2018 — homicides have dropped by 17 percent since last year and shooting victims have decreased by nearly 30 percent — some of the city’s more touristy, trendy and affluent areas, particularly downtown, have seen an alarming spike in robberies.

Through nearly the first three months of 2018, 86 robberies were reported in the Loop, the highest first-quarter tally in at least 15 years, according to city crime data through March 21. Through the same period last year, 49 robberies were reported in the Loop compared with 52 in 2016, 33 in 2015 and 20 in 2014."


Part of what makes this story so weird to me is that it happened in a pretty affluent area downtown. But apparently violent attacks are a common thing even in Chicago's CBD. What a dumpster fire of a city.
Average Ameriacn
Sun Feb 03 12:21:09
Why Chicago is a mess:


How Chicago Voted for President in 2016

Clinton 83.7% 890,705 votes
Trump 12.5% 132,738 votes
Sun Feb 03 12:47:17
William Hale Thompson (May 14, 1869 – March 19, 1944).

He was the last Republican Mayor to serve Chicago to this day. No further comments necessary.
Sun Feb 03 13:06:59
Coincidentally, the mayoral election is later this month, and the current frontrunners are a black lady and a Daley.

Sounds about right.
Sam Adams
Sun Feb 03 13:33:19
Ya this is totally fake.

Seb probably believes it though.
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