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Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Fri Feb 08 17:34:31
Jesus I wish Hot Rod was alive to see this.


The average tax refund from the IRS dropped 8.4 percent in the first week of the 2019 filing season compared to the same period last year, according to agency statistics.

The dip, to $1,865 from $2,035, is an early barometer of the season, which is being watched more closely than usual because it reflects the first full year under the 2017 tax overhaul and comes on the heels of a protracted government shutdown that hit the IRS just as it was gearing up for the annual exercise.

The number of individual tax returns received and processed by the IRS also fell sharply year over year, by 12.4 percent and 25.8 percent, respectively. The data for this year cover Jan. 28 to Feb. 1, matched against Jan. 29 to Feb. 2, 2018.

The data reflect only one week of filing in a process that will last until April 15 for most taxpayers, and refund predictions by tax experts have been all over the map. Morgan Stanley has estimated they will rise by 26 percent, but others are less optimistic.

“There are going to be a lot of unhappy people over the next month,” said Edward Karl, vice president of taxation for the American Institute of CPAs. “Taxpayers want a large refund."

Some 71 percent of taxpayers received refunds last year worth about $3,000 on average, Karl said, which represents the single largest financial transaction for the bulk of those people in a given year.

The size and number of refunds will be politically sensitive this year in particular. Democrats, who uniformly opposed the GOP-drafted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, say more people will owe the IRS this year because of confusion about withholding. But House Ways and Means Committee ranking member Kevin Brady (R-Texas), an architect of the plan, has predicted that the number of taxpayers getting refunds will be around the same as in previous years.
A statement from the IRS stressed the early nature of this year's statistics.

“IRS systems are operating smoothly to start the filing season, and refunds are being issued,” the statement added. “The IRS encourages taxpayers to e-file as the quickest way to receive their refunds."

Various factors could have played a part in the filing decrease so far, including the federal government shutdown that ended just three days before filing season opened Jan. 28. The IRS had recalled previously furloughed workers during the closure to prepare, but thousands didn’t return when summoned and a backlog was expected to greet them when they did.

In addition, continued taxpayer uncertainty about the tax law changes that took effect last year was expected to prompt many to take longer than usual to file this year and maybe even prompt more filing extension requests than normal.

Brian Faler contributed to this report.
Fri Feb 08 17:55:26
"The average tax refund from the IRS dropped 8.4 percent in the first week of the 2019"

"The number of individual tax returns received and processed by the IRS also fell sharply year over year, by 12.4 percent and 25.8 percent,"

"The data reflect only one week of filing"

How in God's name did you manage to find any of this information to be of any value?

Also, my hopes that Hot Rod faked his death again to go on a break for this place are plummeting by the day. Come the fuck back already old man.
Fri Feb 08 18:23:36
People getting large tax returns are suckers just giving the government a loan with no interest. You should try to pay in enough so that you get as close to zero owed or owed back as possible.
Fri Feb 08 21:04:30
Rugian, he is dead.

And yeah, this is classic desperation from the left in the trump era. Cling to very briefly researched information because it gives them a victory, and then that goes away as the trump train comes around and suddenly they have to admit that the economy is booming, unemployment is down, gas is cheaper, generally everything is better right now than it was 4 years ago.
Fri Feb 08 21:32:29
You forgot the climate. 2018 was the coolest year we have had in the last four years so President Trump is fixing global warming also.

If they can gather data on just one week then my gathering data from four entire years should be okay.
Fri Feb 08 22:08:35
"gas is cheaper"

Gas was more expensive in 2018 than during the end of Obama.

"the economy is booming"

Did someone forget the extreme turbulence and stock plunging throughout 2018?
Fri Feb 08 22:15:33
yeah, 3.9 unemployment implies a very turbulent economy. rofl.
Fri Feb 08 22:16:05
opps, 4%, my bad, times are hard for everyone who has a job and is earning more.
Fri Feb 08 22:19:11
"earning more"

Again wrong. Wages were extremely stagnant.
Fri Feb 08 22:28:34
yeah, super stagnant for the people who were unemployed 2 years ago, but now arent.
Fri Feb 08 23:09:46
You know your argument is weak when you have to keep backtracking to try and get it right.
Fri Feb 08 23:36:50
yeah, it must be brutal for the people who couldn't find work 4 years ago, suddenly having jobs now.
Fri Feb 08 23:37:30
#trumpeconomy at 4 percent unemployment. brutal.
the wanderer
Sat Feb 09 01:10:39
it was 4.6 percent on election day in 2016... in case you didn't notice it had been steadily dropping since 2010... 6 years before the ignorant mentally-ill child took office
Sat Feb 09 01:24:55
yeah, it totally isn't trump's economy after 26 months. keep at it, fag.
Sat Feb 09 07:37:01
So basically:

gas is more expensive, wages are extremely stagnant despite all indicators saying they shouldn't be, the stock market has been shit for a year, inflation has spiked, but YAY 1 MILLION MORE PEOPLE HAVE JOBS!

Gotta go for that 1 in 360 who has had improvements as the bright side, even though 350 of 360 has been shit all over. #improvements
the wanderer
Sat Feb 09 11:14:37
i'm not saying it's not Trump's economy (although it isn't as he just lies, watches TV all day & sides with our enemies)

i'm saying he was handed a good economy w/ dropping unemployment to start with... listening to the continuous liar you'd think unemployment was rampant & the economy was a disaster til he took office

plus, likely the main trigger for any improvement under his administration was the massive corporate tax cut (which wasn't paid for at all), which had basically NOTHING to do w/ Trump personally, EVERY R candidate had a tax cut plan & it wasn't 'Trump's plan that was passed
Sat Feb 09 12:22:58

The only president on whose watch the overall economy was worse than on Donald's watch is GWB because Great Depression happened when he was president. Jimmy carter had a bigger economic miracle. Indicators measured -

Total nonfarm payrolls
Manufacturing jobs
Value of the dollar compared to major currencies
Gross domestic product
Federal budget deficit (or surplus) as a percentage of GDP
Disposable income per capita
Household debt as a percentage of disposable income
Home equity
Car sales
Hourly wages
Bond-market performance
The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index of U.S. stocks
Gap between U.S. and global stock performance
Sat Feb 09 12:27:14

Sat Feb 09 12:50:43
Public perception is the solidified division that has become completely sacrosanct by its possessors. It is synonymous with religiosity between good and evil. It is as constant as the concept of time. Fast and slow moving...

Sat Feb 09 13:32:06
Carter came into office in a post war era. At least it was a War where we actually put a lot of Americans to work in (Vietnam) Post WWII Korea also showed downturns.

Afghanistan and Iraq wars didn't see the usual boost in employment and wages that other wartime economies had.

But if anyone hasn't figured it out yet. Trump is going to spout off the usual series of lies to pump up his own ego. The only ones who seem to take him at his word are the Evangelicals and the right wing lemmings.
Sat Feb 09 13:55:25
If anyone hasn't figured it out yet. Politicians and their admirers are going to spout off the usual series of lies to pump up their own egos.

Diversity alone will never be the answer to peace.

The ability to assimilate doesn't eliminate diversity. It is a multi-dimensional process.
Sat Feb 09 14:54:00
"If anyone hasn't figured it out yet. Politicians and their admirers are going to spout off the usual series of lies to pump up their own egos."

There are two possible translateds for this:
"it's not a big deal that everyone lies about Trump, everyone lies!"


"facts are lies"

Either way, incredibly stupid.
Sat Feb 09 15:04:20
The fact of lie is fact.

Most everyone lies at some time or another=fact

When, is questionable without facts.

Not so incredibly stupid, just stupid facts.
Sat Feb 09 15:08:12
If you are looking for me to confirm that lies. You should consider it done in the previous post.
Sat Feb 09 15:09:43
*Trump lies
Sat Feb 09 17:22:36
Good to see that you completely ignored half my post. Attempting to undermine trump's lying by saying everyone lies is at least as stupid as the people who believe trump's lies as fact.
Sat Feb 09 18:16:58
There was no attempt from me to undermine the fact that Trump lies.

I'm only telling the truth. Your acceptance or not isn't worrisome for me, because it is your right to interpret my posts as you wish. I expected nothing more or less and I've ignored nothing. Lies are important or they wouldn't be discussed.
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