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Utopia Talk / Politics / saudi thugs do as they please
The Children
Sat Feb 09 01:29:28

Sat Feb 09 02:26:25
Maybe president Trump allowed them to flee the country.
and justice 4 all
Sat Feb 09 05:43:47
That is exactly my thoughts. Trump let them escape justice as to not offend his friend Mohammed.
Sat Feb 09 07:36:13
Hey, cheap oil ain't cheap.
Sat Feb 09 12:29:51
A few of us met with Adel Al-Jubeir, the Saudi Arabian minister of state for foreign affairs. We asked him about your piece.

He said — quote — "I can't comment on reports based on anonymous sources. Many reports with anonymous sources have not panned out."

And then he kept saying: "When Oliver North was engaged on Iran-Contra, did Ronald Reagan know? These things happen. Mistakes happen. This was done outside the scope of authority."

lol. wahhabis are openly laughing at the US atm, confident that the commander in chief is in their pocket
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Sat Feb 09 12:30:58
According to Trump the US exports oil now.
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