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Tue Feb 19 14:22:40
So... a Trump gangster posted a picture of a judge's head beside a crosshair and asked for help to fight.

Pure mafia.

Jon Swaine

Roger Stone now directly attacking the federal judge presiding over his case and posting a pic of her head beside crosshairs

the wanderer
Tue Feb 19 14:38:17
i think the crosshairs part is not too relevant (although a Trump defender said it's not crosshairs but a 'neo-pagan symbol'... reminiscent of Sarah Palin's 'surveyor marks')

however... his posting a giant photo of her with her name & his conspiracy nut text (which includes the word 'hitman' & 'help me fight for my life') to his conspiracy nut fans is clearly fucked up... i certainly would feel less safe if i were in her shoes
the wanderer
Thu Feb 21 14:01:16
Roger Stone in court now

apparently the judge asked Stone if he knows how to google, as she found it odd the image he went w/ had the crosshairs (it wasn't like it was the first image that comes up when googling her name... might be now though)

not sure his specific response to that, but there's also reporting that he is claiming it is a celtic symbol or something

that surveyor mark/celtic symbol/neo-pagan symbol argument is so stupid... (particularly in Sarah Palin's case)... in this one it's less obvious it was intentional, but still... dumb arguments
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Thu Feb 21 14:13:36
Seriously this is like watching a version of the Godfather where everyone is Freido.
the wanderer
Thu Feb 21 14:18:25
Ryan J. Reilly is live-tweeting from court:

STONE: "I believe I abused the order, for which I am heart fully sorry. I am kicking myself over my own stupidity... I offer no excuse for it, no justification..." Calls it a lapse in judgement called by stress.

STONE: "This is just a stupid lapse in judgment." Says his business has dried up and he's exhausted his savings. "My apology is sincere and it it heartfelt."

STONE: "I can only say I'm sorry yet again it was an egregious mistake." Tells judge he's sorry he abused her trust. Says he's not being paid to speak about the case. "Perhaps I talk to much, but I am under enormous pressure."

Stone claims he's having trouble putting food on the table and paying his rent.

Judge is now questioning Stone about the Instagram post. Judge is interested in the notion that he's not responsible for what gets posted on his Instagram. Asks if he knows how to Google.

"How hard was it to come up with a photograph that doesn't have crosshairs in the corner?"

Stone tells Judge Berman Jackson it was improper for him to criticize the judge at all. Again calls it an "egregious, stupid mistake."

"I have no rationalization or excuse," says Stone, again calling it an error. Special Counsel gets to take a shot at Stone next.

This is not going well for Stone, who can't say who sent him the image, or whether it was sent via text or email. Says he has five or six volunteers.

JUDGE: "You saw it, and you said, 'Okay, I'm going to post this'?"

STONE: I'm sorry, it was a mistake, etc.

"The passive voice is not helpful," Judge Berman Jackson tells Stone as he answers questions about his volunteers and his social media operation.

STONE: "I do not exclusively use my own phone, that's what I'm saying." Suggests someone else may have used his phone to find images of Judge Berman Jackson. Said none of his volunteers would own up to selecting the images Stone chose from.

STONE: "My house is like a headquarters, I have many volunteers."

JUDGE: I thought you said five?

STONE: Five is a lot.

Stone has named four of his volunteers, after testifying he has five or six. Stone says he can't recall all the names of the volunteers working for him a few days ago.


he comes off as a squirming pathetic liar
the wanderer
Thu Feb 21 15:05:44
after deliberation:

Judge Amy Berman Jackson says she's not convinced that Stone is all talk. Says the post created a very real risk. "These were deliberate choices."

Judge says Stone has "decided to pursue a strategy of attacking others." Says Stone couldn’t keep story straight on the stand. Says Instagram post had a “more sinister message.” Roger Stone, fully understands the power of words and symbols, she says.

JUDGE to STONE: "Thank you, but the apology rings quite hollow."

JUDGE: “No, Mr. Stone, I’m not giving you another chance.” Modifying conditions, says Stone cannot speak publicly about the case.

so full gag order... so she'll probably get murdered for sure :p
Thu Feb 21 17:16:02
tw meltdown continues.
Thu Feb 21 17:43:11
mt supports judge intimidation.
Thu Feb 21 17:53:20
The full gag order applies to his associates as well so he can't make a statement through a surrogate. His ass should be sitting in jail while he waits for trial. He still thinks because he is rich the laws won't apply to him.
Thu Feb 21 17:56:21
"judge intimidation" declared the guy with no law degree. (sorry hood, but pretty sure you are businessman and i'll assume a life long judge knows more about law than a 30 something year old guy).
Thu Feb 21 18:15:45
and this will be a rare occurrence, I am going to agree with hood. This looks like and probably was an attempt at judge intimidation. Turns out it didn't work.

If he is found guilty though his lawyer will ask for a mistrial and use as grounds the judges personal vendetta after the photo was posted.
Thu Feb 21 18:28:47
mt, you probably should have read Judge Berman Jackson's decision. You know, the one where she stated that she believed Stone pursued a strategy of attacking others. In one case, the judge on his case. You know, judge intimidation.

But do calm down. You should know that these are just the typical small pot shots we all take at each other that are mostly meaningless. Like when someone says "seb will support this."
the wanderer
Thu Feb 21 18:32:53
"If he is found guilty though his lawyer will ask for a mistrial and use as grounds the judges personal vendetta after the photo was posted."

this would be nonsense, you can't threaten a judge & then call the judge biased for being upset about it... you could just threaten every judge in existence & be safe
Thu Feb 21 18:43:13
sure it would be nonsense but doesn't mean they wouldn't try it.
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