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Utopia Talk / Politics / Oral rape
Wed Feb 20 04:08:23
should not be trivialized as "kissing"


Statue based on famous WWII 'kissing sailor' photo spray-painted with '#MeToo'

The incident in Sarasota, Florida, came only a day after the veteran in the iconic image died at 95 in Rhode Island.

Feb. 19, 2019, 6:13 PM GMT+1
By Janelle Griffith

The Unconditional Surrender statue in Sarasota, Florida — depicting the iconic image of a sailor kissing a woman in a nurse's uniform in Times Square after the end of World War II — was vandalized Monday, only a day after the veteran in the photo, George Mendonsa, died at 95.

Officers responded at about 12:55 a.m. Tuesday to a report of a person spray-painting the statue, the Sarasota Police Department said in a statement.

When officers arrived, they found the words "#MeToo" in red covering the length of the woman's left leg. The #MeToo movement supports the survivors of sexual abuse, assault and harassment.

The statue is believed to have been spray-painted sometime between Monday midafternoon and evening.

The incident was not captured on video surveillance and police said there are no known witnesses. The spray paint was removed Tuesday morning.

Facial recognition technology would later verify Mendonsa's claim to being the sailor kissing Greta Zimmer Friedman, a dental assistant, on Aug. 14, 1945 in the image published in Life magazine and seen around the world. He died Sunday at a nursing home in Middletown, Rhode Island after a seizure.

Mendonsa would have turned 96 Tuesday, his daughter told NBC News.
Wed Feb 20 11:13:07
in reality the best kiss of this woman's life was forced onto her by a stranger, if that isn't romantic i don't know what is.
smart dude
Wed Feb 20 14:33:22
"if that isn't romantic i don't know what is."

Grabbing her by the pussy?
Wrath of Orion
Wed Feb 20 14:35:06
So far what I get from this thread is that mtardo doesn't know what romantic is.
Wed Feb 20 14:42:13
While men were busy dying in Japanese PoW camps, and women were busy being raped by Soviets, American women had to worry about celebrating sailors giving them a smooch.
Wed Feb 20 14:43:38
"American women had to worry about celebrating sailors giving them a smooch."

Don't forget figuring out how much postage they'd need for their Dear John letters.
Thu Feb 21 00:42:40
I remember being at a new years eve party in 1990, and at midnight, a girl I knew rushed up to me, and thrust her tongue in my mouth so hard, I almost threw up, it was disgusting, I don't know what she was drinking eating or smoking that night, but she could have thrust a fistfull of used toilet paper in my mouth, it might have tasted better.
Thu Feb 21 15:59:56
zavyx, a sad story of being orally raped in 1990.
large member
Thu Feb 21 16:23:29
A bit of wishful thinking there imagining he was kissed by a girl.
Thu Feb 21 21:45:15
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