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Utopia Talk / Politics / So India bombed Pakistan
Tue Feb 26 19:13:23
Balakot: Pakistan vows to respond after Indian 'air strikes'

Pakistan says it will respond "at the time and place of its choosing" after India launched strikes against militants in Pakistani territory.

India said it had killed a large number of militants but Pakistan called the claim "reckless".

Tensions between the nuclear-armed neighbours have been high following an attack on Indian troops in Kashmir.

The attack was claimed by a group based in Pakistan, Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM), and India had vowed to retaliate.

India accuses Pakistan of allowing militant groups to operate on its territory, something Pakistan denies.

Both India and Pakistan claim all of Muslim-majority Kashmir, but control only parts of it. The two have fought three wars and a limited conflict since independence from Britain in 1947 - and all but one were over Kashmir.

The strikes are the first launched across the line of control - the de facto border that divides India-administered Kashmir from Pakistan-administered Kashmir - since a war between the two countries in 1971.

What happened?

The two sides have given different versions of events. Indian officials said the strikes hit a camp in Balakot, in north-west Pakistan.

Indian Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale said a "large number" of militants were killed, defending the raids as a "pre-emptive strike" to stop further JeM attacks.

Residents in Balakot told the BBC they were woken by loud explosions but there has been no confirmation of casualties.

The Pakistani army denied there were any casualties. It said its jets forced Indian planes to withdraw and drop their "payload" in an sparsely inhabited area.

What has the response been?

Pakistan's Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said India had "resorted to a self-serving, reckless and fictitious claim", pointing to elections due in India in May.

A meeting of Pakistan's National Security Committee, which includes Prime Minister Imran Khan, ended with a warning Pakistan would "respond at the time and place of its choosing".

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not directly mention the air strikes when he addressed a political rally in Rajasthan on Tuesday but he told crowds: "I understand your enthusiasm and your energy. Today is a day we bow before our heroes."

Amid fears of escalation, the European Union urged "maximum restraint" from both sides, with China making a similar plea.


Tue Feb 26 19:14:39

You know this place has gone soft when India attacks a target inside Pakistan, and no one is screaming about nukes and WWIII.

Sam Adams
Tue Feb 26 19:46:54
This can only mean war.

Pakistan shouldnt have terror camps on their soil. Fuck them.
Tue Feb 26 22:58:04
Can't blame India for defending itself.
Wrath of Orion
Tue Feb 26 23:17:01
This can only mean one other thing besides war.
Tue Feb 26 23:21:55
Carpet bomb Pakistan so thoroughly that they can't respond with anything larger than a baseball.
Wrath of Orion
Tue Feb 26 23:33:09
I think you mean a cricket ball.
Wed Feb 27 00:22:06
Correct, of course. Limey bastards.
Wed Feb 27 03:12:10
Hindus owned!


Pakistani Military Says It Shot Down 2 Indian Warplanes, Capturing Pilots

NEW DELHI — Pakistan’s military said Wednesday that it shot down two Indian warplanes that had entered Pakistani airspace, capturing two two crew members, in an escalation of hostilities just a day after Indian fighter jets crossed the disputed Kashmir region to launch an airstrike within Pakistan.

Pakistan said that earlier on Wednesday, the military conducted its first airstrike against unspecified Indian targets as well, though it said no Pakistani aircraft crossed the border.

The claim by Pakistan’s military was not confirmed by the Indian government. Earlier, Indian officials said that one of the country’s fighter jets had crashed within Indian-controlled Kashmir, with the cause being unclear.

There are fears that tensions between the nuclear-armed neighbors could escalate after Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan promised on Tuesday to retaliate for an incursion by Indian jets hours before. Those airstrikes were the first time since 1971 that the Indian Air Force had crossed the Line of Control, the de facto border between the Indian- and Pakistani-held areas of Kashmir, to strike inside Pakistan.

Pakistan’s chief military spokesman, Maj. Gen. Asif Ghafoor, said in a news conference on Wednesday afternoon that Pakistan’s air force had struck six targets inside India, without crossing into the country’s airspace. It was unclear what was struck; Major General Ghafoor described the strikes as being in an open area to make sure there was “no human loss or collateral damage.”

The Indian Air Force responded by entering into Pakistan’s airspace, he added, and two planes were shot down.

“Our ground forces arrested two pilots; one of them was injured and has been shifted to C.M.H., and he will be taken care of. The other one is with us,” General Ghafoor said, using the initials for the Combined Military Hospital complex.

By Wednesday afternoon, the Indian government shut down the airspace over parts of the country’s north that host military facilities, including Jammu, Srinagar, Amritsar, Leh and Dehradun, according to Rakesh Asthana, the director General of the Bureau of Civil Aviation and Security.

Pakistan also shut down large parts of its airspace, including major airports, according to a notice issued by the country’s Civil Aviation Authority.
large member
Wed Feb 27 06:21:22
Migs versus f-16s. Nice.
large member
Wed Feb 27 06:24:39
This is the kind of conflict we can appreciate. Two nuclear powers without any glaringly overwhelming advantage shooting at each other.

Its the way conflicts should be fought. With real costs to both sides.
Anarchist Prime
Wed Feb 27 09:16:46
Wed Feb 27 11:27:47
I hope they obliterate each other.
Sam Adams
Wed Feb 27 12:36:30
Sam Adams
Wed Feb 27 13:40:16
So a paki f16 shot down a dothead mig21. The dot pilot ejected and was beaten by a mob of local pakis before being rescued by a the pakistani army. Is this where we are at?
Wed Feb 27 14:52:01
India's economy is nine times that of Pakistan's. Absent the nuclear aspect, this isn't a fight between equals at all.
Wed Feb 27 15:01:03
197 million vs 1.3 billion.

Pakistan's only equalizer is nukes.
Wed Feb 27 15:05:01
But how many jihadis can they call. And how much are the Saudis willing to pay in
large member
Wed Feb 27 15:35:51
Modern conflicts are fought with what you have and with what other countries might send you.

Population and economies are relevant only in so far as military imports might otherwise be effected.

Feel free to leave the 19th century and enter the 21st any day you like.
Sam Adams
Wed Feb 27 16:36:23
Id make india a 17 point favorite on the ground and a 3 point favorite in the air, using football terms. The pakis jets, with a bit more us gear and training, typically does a decent job against the dot-migs.
Sam Adams
Wed Feb 27 16:37:46
That said, Pakistan totally deserves to get a bit of an asskicking. Theyve been being uncivilized for some time now.
Anarchist Prime
Wed Feb 27 18:31:56
large member
Thu Feb 28 13:55:17
The MiG-21, from the Indian Air Force’s 51 Squadron ‘Sword Arms’ is said to have conducted the kill using a Russian Vympel R-73 close combat missile. The Indian Air Force today, as part of an effort to conclusively prove that it was a group of F-16 that led the sweep, produced evidence of an AIM-120 AMRAAM missile fired from the F-16, that likely brought down the MiG-21. The IAF also said it had captured electronic signatures of the aggressing aircraft, concluding that it was an F-16. While the Bison’s pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was captured in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, two Pakistani pilots who punched out of the F-16D are currently unaccounted for. Pakistan has switched to claiming no loss after first announcing that it had shot down two Indian jets. The abrupt correction has led to the widespread belief that Pakistan initially believed it had shot down two Indian jets, but discovered only later that it was in fact an F-16D that had come down
Sam Adams
Fri Mar 01 14:29:18
The captured dot pilot has been released by the pakis, in a, presumably effective, gesture of peace.

Fighting is over?
The Children
Fri Mar 01 16:20:18
and now whole world knows the powa of the jf17 thunder jet.

Sat Mar 02 10:10:57
Pakistan now demands that Prime Minister Imran Khan receives the Nobel Peace Prize because he released the Indian pilot:

More than 300,000 people have signed online petitions calling for Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan to receive a Nobel Peace Prize after he freed an Indian pilot in a bid to defuse tensions with his country's arch-rival neighbour.

The capture of Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman had become the focus of renewed hostilities between the nuclear-armed rivals which have alarmed the international community.
Tensions have soared since a suicide bombing in Kashmir last month claimed by Pakistan-based militants killed 40 Indian paramilitaries.

The hashtag #NobelPeaceForImranKhan began trending on Twitter on Thursday after Khan unexpectedly announced that the captured pilot would be released as a "peace gesture".
Abhinandan -- whose MiG fighter was shot down a day earlier as he chased Pakistani jets over disputed Kashmir -- was returned to India late Friday.

Two similarly-worded campaigns on the change.org platform launched by users in the UK and Pakistan called for Imran Khan to be nominated for next year's prize "for his peace efforts and dialogues in the Asian region on diverse conflicts".
They have gained more than 240,000 and 60,000 digital signatures respectively.

Pakistan's information minister Fawad Chaudhry Saturday also submitted a resolution in the country's parliament demanding Khan be given the award for his contribution to peace in the region.

"Imran Khan played a sagacious role in de-escalating tension between Pakistan and India," the resolution said.

In his speech announcing Abhinandan's release, Khan referred to the catastrophic consequences of nuclear war as he called for talks with New Delhi.

Thousands of people around the world are allowed to make nominations for the Peace Prize, including members of parliament and government ministers, former laureates and some university professors.

Sat Mar 02 18:24:03
"The capture of Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman had become the focus of renewed hostilities between the Kilrathi Empire and the Human Federation which have alarmed the international community.
Tensions have soared since a bombing of the Kilrathi Homeworld last month claimed"

Fuck yeah.
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