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Utopia Talk / Politics / cuckboy trudeau going down
Thu Feb 28 20:48:32
for legit corruption activities, rofl, yet another enemy of mr trump goes down in flames.
the wanderer
Thu Feb 28 22:25:43
i started typing Trudeau into google and the first suggestion was 'trudeau resigns'... i thought 'wow'... but just hopeful googlers i guess

from an article

In a nutshell

Mr Trudeau has been accused of pressuring his former attorney general to cut a deal with a company facing corruption charges - and retaliating when she refused to play ball.

The revelations could cost Trudeau the October general election, some pundits say.

The former AG says Trudeau and his staff spent months trying to convince her that taking the company to trial would cost Canadians jobs, and their party votes.

She also says she was subject to "veiled threats", which she believes were made good when she was shuffled out of her department.

sounds Trumpian, jobs over ethics
Fri Mar 01 01:08:45
funny thing is that trump didnt do this. you just wish he did. but cuckboy trudeau legit did it.
the wanderer
Fri Mar 01 01:33:31
Trump did fire Comey when Comey wasn't doing what he wanted and he fired Sessions for not protecting him

so... he did the firings part & the unethical stuff... just w/ his motive being selfish rather than for jobs
Fri Mar 01 01:37:13
"The revelations could cost Trudeau the October general election, some pundits say."

And firing Comey could cost President Trump his reelection bid so all is good.
Average Ameriacn
Fri Mar 01 02:38:52
If Trudeau gets elected again we will build a wall at the border.
Fri Mar 01 06:50:51
Fri Mar 01 10:59:45
Just...he better not make us pay for it. We already got one on layaway.
the wanderer
Fri Mar 01 12:04:25
"And firing Comey could cost President Trump his reelection bid so all is good."

yep... Trump corruptly uses his power, but just let him do it another two years as if it's meaningless & harmless, then let voters decide (which is the same as ignoring it completely)
Fri Mar 01 14:35:47
President Trump has been under investigation each and every day of his presidency so far. That is a long way away from ignoring.
the wanderer
Fri Mar 01 15:02:04
yep... with the R's & Trump hindering & trying to stop all investigations continuously

Trump today:
"it’s time to stop this corrupt and illegally brought Witch Hunt. Time to start looking at the other side where real crimes were committed. Republicans have been abused long enough. Must end now!"

plus see Hannity's humiliating January 2018 episode "Fake news is saying Trump tried to fire Mueller!" (later) "ok, Trump tried to fire Mueller, so what"

plus Trump hand-picking the US attorney hire for SDNY (where he does his crimes) was unusual for a prez to do... plus Trump trying to get that guy to take over the Cohen case is obstruction... plus Trump fired Comey & Sessions both corruptly regarding investigation... plus Trump skipped any line of succession to put the bigfoot/big-dick-toilet guy in charge as he had been critical of Mueller & had been feeding info to the WH

plus all the smearing by Trump (over 1,000 times) plus the from his capos (especially all of Nunes' stunts to smear) does matter... the investigations CANT remove Trump, only the congress voting to do so, which is more of a public relations battle than a legal one

plus stuff i'm sure i missed


** HOWEVER, this thread is about Trudeau, i don't want to hijack yet another one... so you can move any bad response to one of our other battlegrounds **
The Children
Fri Mar 01 16:10:44
good, he a cuck indeed.
Wrath of Orion
Fri Mar 01 16:11:36
Is there really a battleground? Nobody here likes Trump - the only one who did is now a jar of ashes. The only "battle" is that people have varying degrees of dislike and a couple have created a hobby out of trolling you.
Fri Mar 01 17:07:01
Tw should apply to clinic studies of Trump derangement syndrome
Fri Mar 01 17:48:49
Hannity is a talking head that says shit for ratings.
A friend that lives in Canada has said Trudeau is proof women should have never been given the right to vote.
He was saying that before this scandal though.

the wanderer
Fri Mar 01 18:30:24
(the point wasn't about Hannity, just that even Hannity admitted it happened, so no: 'all bad news about Trump is fake' defense)

i don't care at all about Trudeau... but here's me talking him as he's the topic
Fri Mar 01 18:32:35
Justin Trudeau was a mistake.
the wanderer
Fri Mar 01 18:37:52
i'll support Jagmeet Singh... i don't know his views, but he'd be guaranteed to cause gaffes by a certain idiot criminal child who irritates me
Anarchist Prime
Sat Mar 02 05:36:34
Sat Mar 02 09:41:08
Also, who cares. He's Canadian!
Sat Mar 02 10:18:43
Singh is hopeless. The end of Jack Layton NDP push.
Sat Mar 02 13:36:10
TW doesn't have Trump Derangement Syndrome so much as Conservative Derangement Syndrome. He has openly admitted more than once that he would still hate Trump if he was a completely "normal" politician with the same agenda. You want a look at his politics, look at who he just endorsed for Canadian PM - a far-left progressive towelhead (albeit the good kind of towelhead) who has his own version of the Green New Deal and seriously uses the term "LGBTQI2S+." Jesus.

Issues with Trump's character are just a smokescreen. He doesn't want Trump out of office, he wants ALL conservatives out of office. If Trump happens to give him fodder to attack him with, so much the better.
the wanderer
Sat Mar 02 13:53:35
He has openly admitted more than once that he would still hate Trump if he was a completely "normal" politician with the same agenda.


the opposite is true, i would still hate Trump if his agenda was completely opposite as i hate the man... every aspect of his being

as for Singh, i wikipedia'd the Canadian election, saw a Sikh, & know Trump fans (& the idiot himself) would inevitably link him to terrorists/muslims.... that was my research
the wanderer
Sat Mar 02 14:18:40
...also what respectable conservative thinks Trump represents conservative values?

he has no moral values, he loves most dictators even if they harm us, he loves tariffs & is paying welfare to farmers because of it, he supports a large infrastructure plan, he's raising the deficit & he doesn't want to cut social security
Sat Mar 02 15:10:22
"he has no moral values, he loves most dictators even if they harm us,"

You are right, those are most often the views of liberals.

Farmers have been getting subsidies since Roosevelt has been in office.

Infrastructure is one of the few things the federal government should be involved in.

Deficit spending unfortunately has become a big part of both Democrats and Republicans game plan to stay in office.
the wanderer
Sat Mar 02 15:14:49
there you are not defending Trump again

i said they aren't conservative positions (or what conservatives claim are their positions) & they aren't
Sat Mar 02 15:50:23
Yeah, pretty sure only Cruz and Paul supported dialing back/ending subsidies
Sat Mar 02 19:45:05
"i said they aren't conservative positions (or what conservatives claim are their positions) & they aren't"

and I agreed.

Anarchist Prime
Mon Mar 04 14:45:52
Jane Philpott resigns from cabinet, citing 'lost confidence' in how government dealt with SNC-Lavalin

the wanderer
Mon Mar 04 16:05:01
'Jane Philpott didn't have the mental capacity needed. She was dumb as a rock and I couldn’t get rid of her fast enough. She was lazy as hell.'

...see, would sound weird if an actual adult leader would say it
Mon Mar 04 17:23:14
Trump for Prime Minister!

Anyways dipshit, Trudeau and his ministers have ruined/soured diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia and China via tweets.

Trudeau believes diplomatic discourse should be conducted in 140 characters or less and in a manner that will make it trend for a few hours.

Trump likes to make honest, spontaneous statements about his staff and opponents.

I don't see any difference, and Trump is certainly not worse.
Tue Mar 05 01:31:24
There is, or should be IMO, a difference between the people on your own team and the other teams.
Anarchist Prime
Thu Mar 14 12:44:01
Opposition is a caricature, and Scheer is a humid performer: Neil Macdonald

Trudeau is corrupt, sinister, subversive, rotten? One suspects Andrew Scheer doesn't actually believe that

Neil Macdonald - CBC News

5 Hours Ago

Back in December, NDP MP Charlie Angus approvingly retweeted a Christmas wish on Twitter calling for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to fire then-Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould.

"The Justice file has been completely bungled" quoted Angus, who accused Wilson-Raybould of all sorts of malevolence.

But of course that was then. To hear Angus tell it now, Wilson-Raybould is a person of great integrity who put her job on the line over principle and has suffered the consequences of her courage. At a guess, Angus's amended position is that Wilson-Raybould's demotion in January was a bloody travesty.

Conservative MP Lisa Raitt, in 2016, accused Wilson-Raybould of "spewing lies" in the House of Commons. Now, though, she dotingly believes every word Wilson-Raybould utters. After Wilson-Raybould rose in the Commons to say she wanted to speak "her truth," Opposition members erupted in a standing ovation. Wilson-Raybould, says Raitt, wisely warned us all that we must "speak truth to power." (Yes, a former minister in Stephen Harper's government actually said that).

Oh, and that new provision allowing negotiated settlements rather than prosecutions of companies like SNC-Lavalin? The one opposition MPs accuse the government of sneakily burying in last year's budget so they could help their corporate pals? It was approved unanimously by the Commons Justice committee. Unanimously. Meaning all parties. Conservative MP Rob Nicholson declared, on behalf of his party, "We're completely supportive of it."

But most of this flippity-floppity stuff goes largely unreported. The respect and admiration of opposition MPs for Wilson-Raybould, and their deep suspicion of the underhanded government decision to let big companies escape rule of law is the new "narrative," to use that awful, hackneyed word.

Why? Because, well, they're opposition MPs, and inconsistency is their parliamentary privilege. They operate in an expectation-free zone. There is no supposition that they will show temperance, nuance, forbearance or shame. They can yell whatever they like and reporters will report it, because democracy, etc.

Publicly, former Liberal leader John Turner used to say that "the job of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition is to oppose." Privately, though, he had a better term for Question Period and other televised political venues: "Bullshit Theatre."

He always got a laugh, but it was more than a joke. Turner was acknowledging that the opposition, with its constant, unstinting indignation about everything the government says or does, is a caricature.

For a variety of reasons, not the least of which is their struggle for a share of ink and airtime in the news media, opposition politicians behave like a pack of scent hounds. They have no shame because they know the system is unkind to anyone who does. Their rhetoric is both predictable and extreme; they believe it must be so, in order to make headlines, and they may be right. Still, anyone else who talked the way they do would be regarded as a crank.

Right now, the most humid performance is that of Conservative leader Andrew Scheer.

Appeal to the RCMP

In Scheer's estimation, the prime minister is "disgraced," up to "something sinister," running a coverup, and corrupt in the manner of a Third World despot. Trudeau, Scheer tells us, pressures, harasses, subverts the law and gags elected MPs. And he should be investigated for what are clearly crimes, something Scheer has written to the RCMP demanding.

Now, Trudeau might not be a particularly inspiring, or even articulate fellow. His gurgly moralizing is aggravating. But a sinister, disgraced, subversive, corrupt criminal? Because he tried to get his justice minister to change her decision about a prosecution, to persuade her to use a new law the Conservatives supported, then eventually accepted her decision, and then moved her to Veterans Affairs, an assignment she herself, truth-teller that she is, said at the time was not a demotion?

(Not only did Wilson-Raybould declare that reassigning cabinet ministers is the absolute prerogative of the prime minister, she added: "I would say that I can think of no world in which I would consider working for our veterans in Canada as a demotion.")

And yet, crime, corrupt, sinister, coverup, criminal, disgraced, bad, rotten, lawbreaker.

One suspects Andrew Scheer doesn't actually believe that, but he's the opposition leader, and doesn't have to.

With Scheer heading the opposition, we are supposed to forget that the government his party formed under Stephen Harper happily imposed its will on Canada's judiciary, using minimum-sentencing legislation to interfere with judicial discretion.

Or that Harper's Conservatives, having denounced Belinda Stronach for crossing the floor to join the Liberal government in 2005 (a betrayal of her constituents, we were told) happily received Liberal David Emerson, who crossed to join Harper's government in 2006, and then booted Conservative MP Garth Turner from the caucus after he protested (speaking truth to power, really) that Emerson should seek a new mandate from his constituents, the way the party had argued Stronach should have.

To be clear, Trudeau's mob is no different. They went from screeching that the Mike Duffy affair was proof of utterly corrupt government, and declaring that the Canadian people demand transparency and answers from Harper, to running an administration at least as opaque and secretive, once in power.

("The Canadian people," incidentally, is probably the most-quoted entity in the opposition benches. The opposition by definition was rejected by voters, yet Scheer apparently consults them every day, and knows their heart intimately).

Top-down control

If Scheer ever does achieve power, it's a safe bet he'll exercise the same sort of top down control every other prime minister does. Does anyone believe he won't? That he wouldn't, perhaps, order Tory MPs on the Justice committee to abruptly adjourn rather than take more political damage? I humbly suggest he would.

But back to Bullshit Theatre.

It's tempting to think that things have gone downhill, that there was once a gravitas and comity that has disappeared.

Says David Moscrop, a political scientist at the University of Ottawa who has just authored the beautifully-titled book Too Dumb For Democracy: "If you were to put Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer, and Jagmeet Singh beside Bob Stanfield, Pierre Trudeau and … Ed Broadbent, I know what team I'd pay attention to."

But, says Moscrop, it's never really been much better.

"There's no golden age. The introduction of television cameras has amplified the nonsense, and caused politicians to lean into the theatrics. And social media has exacerbated it further."

Only technique has changed, he says. Now, whenever the opposition (or the governing party) has a fit of outrage, they do two things:

"They immediately send out a fundraising request expressing the outrage and asking for five dollars, and they create a data-mining site."

Example: LetHerSpeak.Ca, the website set up by the Conservatives (although you have to go right to the end of the page, and examine the shaded fine print, to find out who's behind it, which is sort of a tacit acknowledgement of opposition credibility).

The nominal purpose of the site is to help The Canadian People demand that Trudeau un-gag Wilson-Raybould, because, you know, she really hasn't had a chance to speak much. Coincidentally, the site gives voters a chance to disclose their names, email addresses and postal codes. If they haven't read the shaded fine print at the bottom, and don't know they're supplying data to Conservative election campaign managers, well, they should buy reading glasses.

"It's the new frontier of bullshit," says Moscrop.

And we journalists are all just theatre critics.

This column is part of CBC's Opinion section. For more information about this section, please read our FAQ.

Thu Mar 14 13:04:59
Didn't make it past the head lines
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