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The Children
Fri Mar 01 16:27:34
the superior chinese technology makes another giant leap forward for mankind.


G DAMNNNNNN!!!! look at that pretty little diamond. holy fuckin shit 2300 euros!?

that shit is not 4 average joes. but damn does it look goooodddddd.

Fri Mar 01 16:38:16
Why hasn’t Trumps USA released a foldable phone yet? Is Asia the innovative leaders?

*waiting for Trump to make a tweet to apple where he tells them to hurry up*
smart dude
Fri Mar 01 19:47:53
Wow, has the US really set the bar so high that if any other country in the world invents literally any new technology, people say, "Durrr, how come the US didnt do it first [smug face]?"
Sam Adams
Fri Mar 01 19:57:35
China can make airliner? Oh wait?
Fri Mar 01 21:06:12
Nokia first conceptualized the application of flexible OLED displays in mobile phone with the Nokia Morph concept mobile phone. Released to the press in February 2008, the Morph concept was project Nokia had co-developed with the University of Cambridge.

In late 2010, Samsung Electronics announced the development of a prototype 4.5 inch flexible AMOLED display.[32] The prototype device was then showcased at Consumer Electronics Show 2011.

Samsung unveiled a production model called the Galaxy Fold in February 2019 along with the Galaxy S10 line; it retails for $1,980.[42]

In January 2019, Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi showed a smartphone prototype with folding display that morphs from a tablet into a smartphone.[45] CEO Lin Bin of Xiaomi demoed the device in a video on the Weibo social network.

Arizona State University started working on flexible screen technology in 2005 with a grant from the US Army.

I think the key words in this might be "production model" for the Samsung and "prototype" for the Xiaomi.

So China is getting better at stealing technology doing it in a few years instead of decades. Good for them I guess.
The Children
Sat Mar 02 01:12:17
it dunt matter who unveiled first or what.

fact is, we created this first. the other slaves made prototypes and shit that never materialized coz they all failed.

we succeeded.


Sat Mar 02 04:01:01
fact is...

No China didn't.

And when you say "we" China isn't included other than they are on the same planet as you.

And you might have missed it but the Chinese version is actually a prototype. Maybe it will be akin to the big fucking bus that could straddle a few lanes of traffic. Look pretty, cost billions and never make it to market.

Gotta admit the Chinese kick ass at that.
large member
Sat Mar 02 05:19:05
BEIJING, March 1 (Xinhua) -- The China-developed MA700 turboprop aircraft has entered the trial-manufacturing and test phase, announced the state-owned Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) Friday.

The first MA700 is expected to roll off the production line this September.

The MA700 is the third member of China's "Morden Ark(MA)" regional airplane family following the MA60 and MA600. The AVIC is striving to conduct the maiden flight by the end of 2019, said AVIC.

It is developed by the AVIC XAC Commercial Aircraft (AVIC XACC) in Xi'an, in northwest China's Shaanxi Province.

By the end of 2018, the company started the major parts assembly work of the plane's nose, forebody and cargo, and its wings are already in parts assembly.

The MA700 turboprop is designed with a maximum speed of 637 km per hour and a single-engine ceiling of 5,400 meters.

The model is adaptive to airports with high temperatures, high altitudes and short runway conditions. It is capable of operating in complex air route conditions.

To date, it has received 285 intended orders from 11 customers at home and abroad.
Average European
Sat Mar 02 19:53:19
"The de Havilland-developed MA700 turboprop aircraft..."

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