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Utopia Talk / Politics / 2020 Libertarian presidential candidates
Mon Mar 04 18:13:28
Jesus Christ. So I decided to look up who is running for the 2020 LP nomination. So far five candidates have declared, and they're...um...interesting...

1. Adam Kokesh. Adam, who is technically running for "Not-President of the United States," has a platform that calls for the immediate dissolution of the federal government. His previous claim to fame was when he sought to lead an "Open Carry March on DC" and filmed himself loading a shotgun within view of the US Capitol Building, prompting a SWAT team to raid his home in response. The officers ended up seizing both the weapon and a stash of hallucinogenic mushrooms, and he eventually plead guilty to gun and drug charges in exchange for a suspended sentence.

2. John McAfee. The founder of McAfee software, John once unsuccessfully attempted to seek political asylum in Guatemala after police in Belize attempted to question him about the murder of one of his neighbors. He has since returned to the US, but he refuses to file his taxes here because he thinks the IRS is the equivalent of the Nazi SS. In fact he hasn't filed a single return in eight years, possibly because he's been too busy bragging about how he's fathered 47 biological children on Twitter.

3. Sam Seder. Sam is a comedian, actor, and MSNBC-affiliated progressive talk radio host. He is openly running for the Libertarian nomination as a satirical joke.

4. Vermin Supreme. Vermin is a performance artist and activist with a beard that would make Rasputin jealous. Wikipedia helpfully notes that he is "known for wearing a boot as a hat and carrying a large toothbrush, and has said that if elected President of the United States, he will pass a law requiring people to brush their teeth."

5. Arvin Vohra. The former vice-chair of the party, Arvin has spent the last year-and-a-half questioning age of consent laws for 14 year olds and joking about shooting up school boards. He eventually lost the vice-chair position, but announced that he was running for president on the same day. Can't fault the man for shiftlessness at least.


Yeah...2020 might not be the year for the party.
Sam Adams
Mon Mar 04 19:07:37
I should be president.
Mon Mar 04 20:05:13
Man I still remember when Kokesh was protesting the war back in the day at the Rutgers NB campus when all eyes were on IVAW. From that relevance to this.

No Blood for Oil bro
Mon Mar 04 20:51:55
Ok, ok. Just show us the onion link.
Mon Mar 04 21:22:12
John McAfee would get my vote.
Mon Mar 04 21:42:29
That guy's brain is a bag full of cats. You can smell the crazy on him!
the wanderer
Tue Mar 05 00:12:31
John McAfee:
if Bitcoin doesn't hit $500,000 by Jul 2020 "I will eat my dick on national television"

could be a good ratings grabber at a convention

Cherub Cow
Tue Mar 05 01:06:02
Gary Johnson tends to wait until later to declare, so he's probably still going to end up the candidate.

I'm guessing that Vermin Supreme will drop into the separate Anarchist Party category, and McAfee will probably suicide in a few months.
Tue Mar 05 03:17:32
They're striving to make the Green Party look like the reasonable option for those who don't want to vote D or R.
Tue Mar 05 10:06:22
Kokesh is the man.

But if the slate isn't crazy enough, there's always a fat guy to give a strip tease and then give a serious defense that, "B-b-but I didn't aggress against anyone so I didn't violate the NAP so what's the big deal?"
smart dude
Thu Mar 07 00:24:44
Not better or worse than the Libertarian candidates of any other election, imo. Between boot-hat guy and "What is Allepo?" I really would struggle to decide.
smart dude
Thu Mar 07 00:25:26
Anarchist Prime
Sat Mar 09 13:07:03

John McAfee‏Verified account @officialmcafee

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Vote every politician out. It doesn"t matter who gets in - derelicts, motorcycle gangs, the insane, librarians. It will take 50 years for a burdensome power structure to gel. In the meantime nothing will get done. Which is better than the sick shit that is getting done now
Sat Mar 09 16:35:09
McAfee 2020!
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