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Utopia Talk / Politics / Greatest achievement of GWB era: US Oil
Fri Mar 08 20:04:21
As with most presidential reigns, the true successes and failures only become apparent with the passage of time long after the admin under consideration has been put out to pasture.

If you would have asked me - and probably did on the original Utopia boards - if the US could possibly be energy independent within the next 20 years I would have laughed in your face.

But thanks to the forward energy thinking of many within the GWB Administration the groundwork was laid for what today has been an astounding and stunning fossil fuel turn around on the world scene.

Fri Mar 08 20:08:58
Full disclosure, for those of us who think that the effect of CO2 emissions from the burning of fossil fuels is leading to an ugly climate future, this isn't all good news.
smart dude
Sat Mar 09 00:30:22
B-b-but there's a photograph of a skinny polar bear on the Internet!!
Sat Mar 09 04:25:08
The increase in oil production has come from the expansion of environmentally-destructive fracking. And yeah, the climate change thing too.

If he had laid the groundwork for a future of sustainable, clean energy, that would be worth praising.
Sam Adams
Sat Mar 09 06:03:37
Ya, putting more plant food in the atmosphere is fucking terrible!
large member
Sat Mar 09 06:42:04
New research is out. Planet greening is mainly caused by reforestation and forest restoration. Mostly in India and China.

And yah, putting plant food in the atmosphere is fucking terrible.
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