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Utopia Talk / Politics / RIP Stringfellow Hawke
Sat Mar 09 04:11:57
He lived a hard and rough life, like a true manly man.
Sat Mar 09 04:47:35
Alcohol ruined his career and life.

Quran proven correct once again.

But Vincent was an enemy of Islam, he stole Airwolf from Libya:

"Moffet takes the gunship to Libya, where he begins performing acts of aggression—such as sinking an American destroyer—as a service for Muammar Gaddafi, who allows Moffet to keep Airwolf on Libyan soil.

Archangel recruits the reclusive Stringfellow Hawke, the chief test pilot during the development of Airwolf, to recover the gunship. Archangel leaves his assistant Gabrielle (Belinda Bauer)—who becomes Hawke's love interest—at Hawke's cabin to brief him for his mission. A week later, after an undercover operative in Libya is killed in the line of duty, Gabrielle is sent in undercover and Hawke is sent in sooner than originally planned. With the assistance of pilot and father figure Dominic Santini (Ernest Borgnine), Hawke finds and recovers Airwolf, but Gabrielle is tortured and killed by Moffet. Hawke obliterates Moffet with a hail of missiles from Airwolf before returning to the United States."
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