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Utopia Talk / Politics / Chinese sks type 56 the legend
The Children
Sun Mar 10 04:44:48
oh yea, the name is quite right. "legend" motherfuckers.

it went for 130k. wtf. nickname "legend" alright.

this baby is by far the best ak rifle ever produced. and i mean EVER. they call it the "legend" nowadays. 30 years ago, dirty capitalistic pigs called it "cheap chinese junk". today, truth is out!

it is regarded as the best ever, ever in existance, ever will be produced. period. period. motherfuckers. top chinese quality, top quality in the world. russia may have invented ak47 but it was china that perfected it.


almost 70 years later, this baby is still the best ak47 ever produced.

the vietcong used this baby to strike fear into yankees. some fat yankee killed and stole the belongings of a vietcong and took his gun. now this baby went for sale for 130k showing exactly the rarity and ultra quality of superb chinese design.

known only as THE LEGEND. a fittin name for Chinese product.

Sun Mar 10 06:53:27
ITT, TC learns about the basics of supply and demand.

Hail capitalism, eh Chinaboy?
Sun Mar 10 14:53:53
That an AK not an SKS
The Children
Mon Mar 11 16:03:22

point being, this is a legend. the finest of da finest. the cream of da crop. the best of the best. the king amongst kings. the supreme emperor. the granddaddy of 20th century weapons.

superior chinese quality
Mon Mar 11 19:53:29
A guerilla gun, not a marksman's weapon.
Mon Mar 11 20:29:55
Pretty nice for down the hallway shooting. Nice for <50yd ambushes.

Other than that, nice for getting shot to death by a shitty M16A1 that has zero chance of surviving as beautifully as this.
The Children
Tue Mar 12 13:31:56
u were sayin?



this is how vietcong won the war. whate every african dictatorship is using, what the mexican cartels r shootin with. what hollywood is usin in movies.

this is the granddaddy of all weapons. the superior chinese quality gun.

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