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Utopia Talk / Politics / Putin has something on Pelosi
Anarchist Prime
Mon Mar 11 18:06:15
the wanderer
Mon Mar 11 19:03:13
her position on impeachment was fine considering the ostriches & assholes on the R side

she left it open if circumstances change (enough Trump unfit behavior & crimes revealed that it cracks his thick coating of bullshit-infused teflon)
Anarchist Prime
Tue Mar 12 09:06:37

Shimon Prokupecz‏Verified account @ShimonPro

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House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff told CNN that he agreed with Speaker Pelosi and that a “failed impeachment isn’t a good idea” and that it doesn’t make sense to move down that road “in the absence of very graphic evidence.” @mkraju

2:36 PM - 11 Mar 2019
the wanderer
Tue Mar 12 11:18:52
i don't know why these comments are a big deal in the news... obviously impeachment wouldn't succeed as it stands right now

...and he will continue obstructing justice for the foreseeable future in all the investigations and R's will continue to fail to notice any of it

so removing a wholly unfit fraud prez is beyond the capabilities of our country
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