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Tue Mar 12 11:55:43
Trump is dumb as a rock!


Trump admin threatens to withhold intelligence from Germany unless it drops Huawei

By Chris Mills Rodrigo - 03/11/19

The Trump administration is threatening to withhold intelligence from Germany if the country does not drop a potential contract with Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei.

The Wall Street Journal obtained a letter dated Friday from U.S. Ambassador Richard Grenell to Germany's economics minister saying that intelligence sharing would be limited if Huawei or other Chinese vendors are allowed to participate in building Germany's 5G network.

The U.S. has been urging allies to drop Huawei for months. Intelligence officials have expressed concerns that the telecommunications giant is spying on behalf of the Chinese government.

The push comes as many countries begin adopting the next-generation wireless technology known as 5G. With people becoming increasingly dependent on the internet, U.S. officials are increasingly sounding the alarm over the potential for Chinese spying.

According to the Journal, Germany says it has seen no evidence that Huawei had or could use its equipment to spy on its users and that it should be allowed to bid for the country’s 5G network if it meets security criteria.

Patrick Berger, spokesman for Huawei in Germany, declined to comment to the Journal on the U.S. letter but said the company welcomes new security requirements put forth by the Germany's telecom regulator.

Grenell reportedly suggested that Swedish Ericsson Communications, Finnish Nokia or South Korean Samsung could handle building Germany's 5G network.

The Hill has reached out to the State Department for comment.

Tue Mar 12 13:06:15
Nuke America.
Tue Mar 12 13:46:41
I think Europe is already not sharing intelligence with the US since Trump got elected, because Trump is not reliable and we can’t trust him to not share intelligence with Putin.
the wanderer
Tue Mar 12 14:20:56
that would be wise
large member
Tue Mar 12 16:01:20
It was nice of Grenell to provide us with a list of companies compromised by NSA mandated back-door hacks:

"Swedish Ericsson Communications, Finnish Nokia or South Korean Samsung".

This is ultimately why Huawei is a risk to US national security. Not because it will provide back doors to China, but because it does not provide back doors to the USA.
Tue Mar 12 16:16:49
Tue Mar 12 16:19:39
the wanderer Tue Mar 12 14:20:56
that would be wise

Congratulations on openly aiding against the US. The only traitor here is you, tw.
Tue Mar 12 16:19:49
the wanderer
Tue Mar 12 16:26:39
it would be in our interests

Trump reveals classified info just to -brag-

of course he would do it for any actual personal benefit as well
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