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Wed Mar 13 11:24:24
Spain investigates possible CIA links to embassy break-in

US intelligence agency denies involvement in robbery at North Korean embassy

Spanish intelligence officials believe at least two of the 10 attackers who broke into the North Korean embassy in Madrid last month, holding staff hostage and making off with computers, are linked to the CIA, according to a report in El País.

Police and Spain’s national intelligence centre (CNI) are investigating the unusual robbery, which took place on 22 February in the west of the capital.

The online newspaper El Confidencial, which broke the news of the raid, reported that the group of men tied up and threatened staff, fleeing only after a woman managed to free herself and raise the alarm.

Through an interpreter, she told the police: “A group of men came into the embassy and has gagged the staff.”

El Confidencial said a police officer dispatched to the embassy was told everything was fine by a man who answered the door, but moments later, “the gates swung open … and two high-end cars came out at great speed, leaving the area within seconds”.

On Wednesday, El País said Spanish investigators had studied CCTV footage of the intruders, questioned embassy staff and examined the cars used in the getaway.

“Although most of the [attackers] were Korean, at least two of them have been identified by Spanish intelligence services as having links to the US CIA,” it said.

The paper said the Spanish authorities had raised the matter with the CIA, which had denied involvement “but not in a very convincing manner”.

El País pointed out the robbery took place five days before Donald Trump’s second summit with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un.

It suggested the intruders could have been looking for information relating to Kim’s chief negotiator, Kim Hyok Chol, who served as ambassador to Spain before being expelled in September 2017.

The CNI refused to comment on the report.

Asked whether it had lodged a complaint with the US embassy or had sought an explanation from Washington, the Spanish foreign ministry declined to comment, saying: “A police investigation is under way.”

Anarchist Prime
Sat Mar 16 19:35:53

Tim Shorrock‏Verified account @TimothyS

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The Post reports that it wasn't the CIA that did the black-bag job on the North Korean Embassy in Spain but a little-known "dissident" organization - and then quotes a former CIA operative at @CSIS to confirm. Hardly the best source to rely on for this.

1:00 PM - 15 Mar 2019
Anarchist Prime
Thu Mar 21 07:40:17
Has North Korean govt-in-exile gone operational?

Anarchist Prime
Wed Mar 27 08:37:19
Anti-North Korean group claims responsibility for Spanish embassy attack, says FBI contacted them for stolen data

Mon Apr 01 15:59:54
Gangster regime.

Official: Trump team overruled 25 security clearance denials

WASHINGTON (AP) — A career official in the White House security office says dozens of people in President Donald Trump’s administration were granted security clearances despite “disqualifying issues” in their backgrounds, such as concerns about foreign influence, drug use and criminal conduct.

Tricia Newbold, an 18-year government employee who oversees the issuance of clearances for some senior White House aides, says she compiled a list of at least 25 officials who were initially denied security clearances last year because of their backgrounds. But she says senior Trump aides overturned those decisions, moves that she said weren’t made “in the best interest of national security.”

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