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Utopia Talk / Politics / Hobbiton II - gun ban
the wanderer
Thu Mar 21 00:10:07
Q&A - New Zealand's gun law changes explained

The press conference is still going on, but Ardern’s press team have sent over this Q&A.

1. What semi-automatic firearms will be affected by the ban?

The ban will apply to all firearms are now defined as Military Style Semi-Automatics (MSSAs) and will also include assault rifles.

2. What semi-automatic firearms will NOT be affected by the ban?

There is a balance to be struck between public safety and legitimate use. The changes exclude two general classes of firearms which are commonly used for hunting, pest control, stock management on farms, and duck shooting:

· Semi-automatic .22 calibre rimfire firearms with a magazine which holds no more than ten rounds

· Semi-automatic and pump action shotguns with a non-detachable tubular magazine which holds no more than five rounds

3. What semi-automatic firearms are affected by today’s Order in Council?

Two types of firearms are now defined as Military Style Semi-Automatics (MSSAs):

· A semi-automatic firearm capable of being used with a detachable magazine which holds more than five cartridges

· A semi-automatic shotgun capable of being used with a detachable magazine which holds more than five cartridges

4. I have an A-Category firearms licence and now own MSSAs. What should I do?

It would normally be an offence for an A-Category licence holder to possess an MSSA, punishable by up to three years in prison or a $4000 fine. However a transitional period gives time for people to comply with the law, if they take certain steps. The transitional period will be confirmed next month. Firearms owners who unlawfully possess an MSSA now have three options:

· Voluntarily surrender the firearm to Police for safe disposal.

· Complete an online form on the Police website to arrange for the MSSA to be collected, while details are finalised for compensation under a buy back scheme

· Sell or gift the firearm to a person who has an E-Category licence and a ‘permit to procure’ the weapon

5. Are Police geared up to receive large numbers of MSSAs?

Yes. They will work with the New Zealand Defence Force to enable safe storage, transport and destruction of MSSAs. Police are establishing an online form which will make it easier for firearms owners to arrange for Police to collect the MSSAs. The online form will go live over the weekend. It will not be practicable for firearms owners to physically return their weapons to Police stations without prior approval. Where extra administrative staff are required they will be hired on fixed-term contracts.

6. Will this lead to stockpiling of semi-automatics?

No. The changes under the Order in Council take effect immediately. Anyone who now unlawfully has an MSSA, which yesterday was a lawful firearm, needs to take steps to comply with the law.

7. Will some firearms dealers be breaking the law if they have these MSSAs in stock?

Some firearms dealers only hold A-category licences. In order to comply with the law, they could sell their stock of semi-automatics to a Category E licence holder or return them to their supplier.

8. What are the statistics for firearms licences and firearms in circulation?

· There are 245,000 firearms licences

· Of these, 7,500 are E-Category licences; and 485 are dealer licences

· There are 13,500 firearms which require the owner to have an E-Cat licence, this is effectively the known number of MSSAs before today’s changes

· The total number of firearms in New Zealand is estimated to be 1.2-1.5 million

9. What further issues are being considered?

Cabinet will consider further steps on 25 March. These will include measures to:

· Tighten firearms licensing and penalties

· Impose greater controls over a range of ammunition

· Address a number of other issues relevant to special interest groups such as international sports shooters and professional pest controllers, such as DoC.

· Future proof the Arms Act to ensure it is able to respond to developments in technology and society

10. How will the buyback work, and who will administer it?

Police, the Treasury and other agencies are working through the detail. More information will be available when the legislation is introduced next month. The compensation will be fair and reasonable based on firearm type, average prices and the age of firearms.

11. What is the cost of the buyback likely to be?

That is very difficult to judge, given the limited information about the total number of firearms affected by this change. Preliminary advice suggests it could be in the range of $100m-$200m. The buyback will ensure these weapons are taken out of circulation and that we fulfil our obligations under the law.

Average Ameriacn
Thu Mar 21 00:15:09
RIP New Zealand, Putin or Kim will invade one day after the transitional period ends.
Thu Mar 21 02:56:07
It will work and the idiot cuckservatives here will quote fake news pretending it doesn't. Same shit happened in Australia and they have no mass gun violence anymore.

Stupid fucking imbeciles. They should all kill themselves like most incels eventually end up doing.
large member
Thu Mar 21 04:51:51
This is obviously just the Government and the population of New Zealand trolling the alt right.

Boy is the alt-right going to be butt-hurt.
Thu Mar 21 11:02:51
But did they ban 60rd magazines? Asking for Brenton Tarrant.
Sam Adams
Thu Mar 21 11:06:23
Ban freedom, keep importing muslims.

Good plan.
Thu Mar 21 11:16:25
The West has been cucked on muh Muslims for at least 20 years. Surprised we haven't invaded Myanmar yet; but I suppose there's no realistic path to a Sunni government that sells us oil in that case
large member
Thu Mar 21 12:40:01
Import Muslims?

Definitely should accept an additional quota this year. Say 10 times the number killed?

TROLLROFL may be the only way to communicate effectively with the alt-right.
Thu Mar 21 17:45:16
"It will work and the idiot cuckservatives here will quote fake news pretending it doesn't. Same shit happened in Australia and they have no mass gun violence anymore."

They have had a 600% increase in mass death by arson though. Australia took away guns and those degenerate shits in Australia that wanted to harm others used a different tool.

Gotta quit fixating on the method and instead look at the cause.
large member
Thu Mar 21 18:00:07
The murder rate has literally been cut in half since gun restrictions began to be introduced.

Not including suicides and accidental killings.

Guns are simply way too convenient.

Thu Mar 21 19:04:10
jergul the homicide rate has dropped more from 2000 to 2012 in the United States than it has in Australia.

Knife attacks leading to death have been twice as likely in Australia as gun since 1990. From about 2000 to 2014 (latest data on charts) using no weapon was the preferred method by quite a bit.

The New Zealand response is to a mass shooting so you are kind of taking us away from the issue by including single victim crimes but even with including those nothing supports the idea that less guns means less deaths. That US numbers fell more than Australia's numbers fell tends to point to the opposite.

Getting back to mass murder looking at the numbers banning guns only causes people to change weapons. In the US a vehicle is more and more becoming the weapon of choice for mass killing.
the wanderer
Thu Mar 21 20:35:04
ease of killing favors the gun

that's why all militaries have chosen guns... not driving into enemies
Thu Mar 21 20:42:00
modern militaries choose to hide behind cover and call in CAS, lulz
Thu Mar 21 21:19:03
"ease of killing favors the gun"

Sure and people being mostly lazy will take the easy way. Doesn't mean if you take the easy way from them they will just say fuck it.

Military also likes bombs and bombs are simple to make.
Thu Mar 21 23:10:12
I have a feeling gun thieves will be rampant and the hills will grow holes!

large member
Fri Mar 22 04:16:14
The murder rate has been halved since 1990. A lot of that is attributable to gun control.

Most people abroad think of guns as tools, not as personal security items.

There are of course always crazy people (hoarders for example), but generally, a buy-back scheme for over dimensioned tools should work nicely.
Fri Mar 22 11:49:05
jergul the numbers don't support the leap in attributing it to gun control

There has been a 44% decrease in homicides in Australia over the last 25 years to 2014. Guns were used in 24% of the crimes in 1989 and 13% of the crimes in 2014. That is a decrease of 57% for guns use.

Hands or feet were used in 25% of homicides in Australia in the same 25 years. These attacks decreased by 67% from 1989 to 2014.

Knives have remained fairly consistent at around 36% of all murders. All but two years in the 25 year period knives were the most used weapon.

Comparing the numbers for guns used and hands/feet used we can see something else is at play in lowering murder rates other than gun control. Knowing that the murder rate over the same period dropped more in the US supports the idea that banning guns doesn't make a significant impact on lowering the murder rate.

Getting back to mass murder the numbers also indicate banning guns has little impact as those intent to commit mass murder find other methods to do so.
large member
Fri Mar 22 12:39:37
There are other things in play *in addition* to gun control.

The median age has increased by 5 years is of course important.

I tend to attribute prenatal and childhood exposure to lead for violence later (which would correspond with a drop-off from around 1990).
Fri Mar 22 12:39:49

"Knife attacks leading to death have been twice as likely in Australia as gun since 1990."

That's not a knife.

large member
Fri Mar 22 12:51:20
Only 6% of murder in Norway are committed with an axe.

I blame immigration for the loss of our heritage tools.
Sam Adams
Fri Mar 22 13:41:11
My ak47 identifies as a fish.

If you try to take it from me you are racist.
Fri Mar 22 15:04:41
jergul the numbers point at other things far outweighing gun control for the lower incidents.

The US had an increase in guns owned yet homicide with a firearm decreased more in the US than it did in Australia since the Port Author massacre in Australia.
Fri Mar 22 15:06:06

Prosperity tends to dampen the urge to murder your fellow citizen.

Mon Mar 25 15:35:48
Only six percent of Norwegians make it into Valhalla!
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