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Utopia Talk / Politics / skynet developed a console stadia
The Children
Thu Mar 21 13:37:32
lol this horseshit is doomed

4k on cloud my ass.

The Children
Fri Mar 22 02:25:20
stadia is another skynet crap failure.

notice how they carefully avoid showin the ping durin that "live demo" that lasted only a few seconds.

why dunt they show live streamin and gameplay. instead they didnt show shit coz the lag was massive.

some poster calculated 400 ping. rofl u wanna play a game thats unplayable.

secondly why dunt they tell us how much this crap is gonna cost. they fuckin showed us terafloppies boostin how it better than both shitbox and ps4. then why dunt tell us the price then, motherfuckers.

third, who the fuck wants 2 play multiplats on a shitty laggy platform

tc calling it here. this is stink. dogpoop.
Fri Mar 22 07:59:29
Who should be worried?

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo make moneys on their consoles and da games sold to them. If Stadia works it means that consoles r no longer needed.
The Children
Sat Mar 23 08:28:49
stadia doesnt work for shit.

streamin games has already been done by ps4. the results r only so so.

that is not even true 1080p streaming.

so how is google going to do 4k even 8k streamin with no lag on ur webbrowser. they r full of shit.

and if it doesnt work, they will just blame ur provider or ur internet connection rather than themselves.

fuck them. they r skynet.

yea with 5g it might work. but last i checked, not even 3g is free. how long can u connect on 4g on ur phone provider?

but they want us to stream 8k usin 5g tech for 4 hours every day???

fuck them

and how about it. u play some multiplayer game and in the middle of a raid, ur connection starts laggin and shit.

that shit is 100% real even now. will just be worse if ur doing it at 4k or 8k.

there demo already proved it. the lag was like 2 seconds, the character didnt even move for 2 seconds. no wonder they whole demo was so short.

and what about the price. they talk about 10 teraflops, and shit. they deliberately left out pricin. what if u gotta pay by the hour. fuck that. and so u never own the game since its on there cloud. fuck that.

fuck this whole shit. what about the games. so far, i havent seen a single worthy game. im sure some multiplats will go on there, but all the shitty demos theyve shown, looked terrible.

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