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Utopia Talk / Politics / Yield curve inversion
Fri Mar 22 10:08:34
Three-month Treasuries are currently at 2.47%
Ten-year Treasuries at 2.44%

So. Is this the market being overly panicky about this week's Fed announcement, or are we all well and truly fucked?
large member
Fri Mar 22 10:18:24
I can think of a trillion reasons for why a recession seems unlikely.

But those same trillion reasons can help explain the inversion.

Trump has alienated big institutional investors and they are drawing down treasury purchases (which in turn impact on auction pricing).
Anarchist Prime
Fri Mar 22 10:21:23
large member
Fri Mar 22 16:47:02
The other part is of course that a dovish fed impacts on foreign ROI expectations. A stronger dollar gives higher returns in domestic currencies.
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