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Utopia Talk / Politics / sekiro shadows die twice
The Children
Fri Mar 29 15:49:45

another triple AAA game on the playstation experience.

what is sekiro.

in short, it is the average joes version of the infamous difficult dark souls games.

this game is made by the same people who made bloodborne and dark souls.

but this game is set in the ninja, samurai world. it is not as difficult as dark souls games.

but it retains its lightnin reflexes gameplay and sharp combat.

set in medieval japan, warfare is the story. and ofcourse it starts out normal but soon the supernatural and occult weave in. u will be fightin giant monsters and bosses very soon.

u seen a video of a giant snake boss battle. it was amazing.

The Children
Fri Mar 29 15:53:34
it plays like old skool castlevania and metroid where u gotta unlock certain keys and items first before revisitin some old areas with hidden areas that were previously unaccessable. but now u can explore those areas becoz of the key items etc.

it moves a little like spiderman, since there is a grappling hook and shit.

and u it has stealth and combat hack and slash gameplay.

Fri Mar 29 17:13:43
So is this like Nioh 2 then?
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