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Average Ameriacn
Sat Mar 30 12:13:01
A psychosisis is a real illness and it could infect everyone of us.


Infowars host Alex Jones admits Sandy Hook killings were real, blames 'psychosis' for his conspiracy claims

Alex Jones, the firebrand Infowars host and conspiracy peddler says in a sworn deposition that his false statements after the Sandy Hook killings were caused by a "psychosis."

Jones made the claim in response to a defamation lawsuit brought by family members of the victims of the 2012 massacre.

He faces eight lawsuits over his comments about the tragedy, including conspiracy theories that the shooting, that left 27 people dead, including 20 children, was a staged event and that parents of the victims lied about the deaths.

The three-hour deposition was posted online Friday by a Texas law firm, Kaster Lynch Farrar & Ball, LLP. Huffpost, which first reported on the deposition, has posted a full transcript online.

On the InfoWars channel that he founded, Jones has repeatedly suggested the Sandy Hook massacre was a "total hoax" carried out by crisis actors on behalf of opponents of the Second Amendment.

The lawsuit charges that Jones and InfoWars have "shocked the world with malicious statements about national tragedies, including the school shootings at Sandy Hook."

Sat Mar 30 12:29:47
Too much Brain Force can do that.
Tentacle Rapist
Sat Mar 30 12:58:03
Well at least he uses the term correctly. Maybe he'll get diagnosed with delusional disorder or delusional schizophrenia, get on meds and quit this shit
Tentacle Rapist
Sat Mar 30 12:59:57
A psychosisis is a real illness and it could infect everyone of us. '

You might want too look up psychosis. It isn't an infectious disease. Its when someone has partially or fully lost touch with reality and is caused by mental illness, drugs, or severe sleep deprivation.
the wanderer
Sat Mar 30 13:06:23
here's the actual exchange... seems like a bunch of BS to cover his ass to me

[depo testimony]

Q. Okay, Mr. Jones. You would agree with me that when some damage happens, when you break something, when you cause something to be lost, when you hurt somebody, whether it’s intentional or whether it’s a mistake, there’s consequences for that, right? People should be accountable for the people they hurt?

A. Well, sometimes people claim they’ve been hurt when they haven’t been. So you have to look at the agenda behind things. You have to balance things about why has the mainstream media lied so much, why our Government’s lied so much, the fact that the public doesn’t believe what they’re told anymore, and are we going to criminalize questioning Jussie Smollett or WMDs or babies in incubators. And it really is the fact that we’ve allowed the Government and institutions to become so corrupt that people have lost any compass of what’s real. And I, myself, have almost had like a form of psychosis back in the past where I basically thought everything was staged, even though I’m now learning a lot of times things aren’t staged. So I think as a pundit, someone giving an opinion, that, you know, my opinions have been wrong; but they were never wrong consciously to hurt people. And so I think it’s part of that process of me growing up in Rockwall, Texas and watching the police deal drugs and then conduct anti-drug programs in the school, I think that shook my opinion of police in general. And I was very anti-law enforcement until I grew up and learned more things, and now I’m pretty much pro police. So it’s been a process.

Q. (BY MR. BANKSTON) You said false things about Sandy Hook because it was psychosis?

A. Well, I’m just saying that the trauma of the media and the corporations lying so much, then everything begins -- you don’t trust anything anymore, kind of like a child whose parents lie to them over and over again, well, pretty soon they don’t know what reality is. So long before these lawsuits I said that in the past I thought everything was a conspiracy and I would kind of get into that mass group think of the communities that were out there saying that. And so now I see that it’s more in the middle. All right? So that’s where I stand.

Sat Mar 30 21:07:11
I've always thought he was a nut and will testify to that if he needs.
Sun Mar 31 22:11:59

What a lucky break that his psychosis makes him a ton of money.

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