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Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Tue Apr 02 15:23:42
No actual footage from the season but Winterfell is going down like fearless Dornish warrior.


When the winter comes...
You will hear no Lion roar...
No stags grazing the field...
No rose growing in the Meadows...
No snake crawling in the sands...
The krakens will freeze where they swim...
The flayed man rot and wither...
No trouts swimming in the river and no falcon flying in the air...
Not even the dragon's breath will warm in your halls...
You shall only hear the wolves houl...
And then you will know,
The winter is here...
The Children
Wed Apr 03 12:15:24
tc will only watch this shit when the whole season is finished and i can enjoy this shit in a marathon sessions with some chips and some pop soda.

fuck any other experience.

Wed Apr 03 12:42:47
That's smart. You can directly see the decline in quality that way.
Wed Apr 03 13:09:54
Just finished S5 again, trying to binge watch the rest in time, my only big issue thus far was the Stannis train wreck in just 2 episodes. GRRM already Deus Ex'd him once, so it gets tired the second go-around.

Dorne didn't annoy me THAT much on this go around.

Still annoyed @ Tommen/Doran ineptitude, but meh

I guess that follows a theme, wherein every remaining ruler is hilariously incompetent to set the stage for the saviors.

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