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Utopia Talk / Politics / Total war:three kingdoms
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Fri Apr 12 16:18:13
Is anyone getting this game?

For those like me who are unfamiliar

The Children
Fri Apr 12 16:28:44
i love my china but i hate total war games.

it cant hold a candle against age of empires (2 and the TC expansion pack) word.
Wrath of Orion
Fri Apr 12 17:30:19
lmfao, the TC multi is pretending he could even afford a game like that. That's funny.
Sam Adams
Fri Apr 12 20:22:55
Will this total war have the terribly overpowered agent bug that made RTW2 a disaster of micromanagement?
Wrath of Orion
Fri Apr 12 20:26:50
Does it really matter? TW games are always vastly improved by mods.
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Fri Apr 12 23:59:30
Its been 5 years since TW: Attlia which was not that glitchy. The last great TW game IHO was Shogun 2.
Sat Apr 13 00:41:48
Everything I tried playing in the TW series since the first Rome dissapointed me. All the others seemed to not achieve the same feeling of impact in battles.

It's probably just me getting old and changing though. Apart from some multiplayer games I play with friends (mostly Rocket League which has been a mainstay for some years now), I mostly play puzzle games nowadays.
Sat Apr 13 04:57:54
Are there any good modern shoot em up games worth playing today?

You know, the kind of mindless game where all you have to do is to shoot things and avoid being hit.
Sat Apr 13 11:23:14
TW series is for plebs anyway. EU4 for lyfe bitches.
Sat Apr 13 13:03:08
Paramount, there's always the Wolfenstein games. But you might be conflicted by having to kill your brethren.
Sat Apr 13 15:35:25
Who wants to play Chinese? I wonder if this game will be banned in China..
Sat Apr 13 22:12:19
Best to play are Rome Total War and Empire Total War.
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