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The Children
Wed Apr 17 13:23:59
14 TFloppies
ps4 games compatible.

gdamn, the competition just got rekted.

Wed Apr 17 13:39:39
Has it been announced?
Wrath of Orion
Wed Apr 17 15:05:40
The TC Multi will be too poor to own the next Playstation...again.
Wed Apr 17 15:27:57
Rumors from a 2-year-out piece of hardware. If we're to believe rumors, the device will be costing like $1000 too, based on the specs they're touting.

Totally believe all the rumors.
Cherub Cow
Thu Apr 18 01:09:40
More big news:
"Sony Scores Big Win For PlayStation 5 After Poaching Yoshi From Nintendo With 10-Year $400 Million Contract"
[Onion: News in Brief]
"“This is a huge day for Sony. Yoshi is one of the most talented and popular characters out there, and we are thrilled by his decision to join the Playstation family,” said Sony Interactive and Entertainment president and CEO Jim Ryan, who revealed Yoshi was drawn to the world-class facilities at Sony’s American headquarters in New York and is eager to start the next phase of his career, one where he didn’t have to work in the shadow of Mario or Link. “Yoshi will bring incredible egg-throwing and platforming abilities to our roster. He has been an underappreciated leader at Nintendo for years, and we know fans want to see what he can do outside the confines of that system. We see huge potential in Yoshi both as a big-time superstar who could potentially carry his own open-world survival game as well as work with stars like Kratos in God Of War.” Ryan admitted that while he was thrilled by the signing, he hoped that Yoshi’s famous clashes and feuding with Nintendo management were a thing of the past."
Cherub Cow
Thu Apr 18 01:15:39
TC might like this ;D

"Sony Reveals First PlayStation 5 Details
"In a recent Wired article, Sony representatives revealed their next console will feature split-second loading times, backwards compatibility, and processing power enhanced by “ray tracing,” a technique that realistically models how light travels. What do you think?"
[Onion: American Voices]
"“All that technology and yet they still require users to manually beat the games.”
Adaline Baird • Clandestine Photographer"
The Children
Thu Apr 18 13:22:30
fuck yea, playstation = masterrace

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