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Utopia Talk / Politics / My type of girl
Fri Apr 19 15:36:54

She shows commitment and loyalty. Even when facing jail time.

But in reality this is sad. She was pretty and then something in her head went wrong and totally ruined her. Sad.
the wanderer
Fri Apr 19 16:05:56
"I'd make sushi outta ur kidneys n chopsticks outta ur hand bones"

"Oh what would I do w ur blood! Id wanna bathe in it"

she's bad at sexting
Cherub Cow
Fri Apr 19 16:21:22
"If he doesn't like it, then I'll go home, and I'll love my ex-boyfriend"

That sounds like a threat.
Sat Apr 20 10:18:18
They say that fanaticism is love. She's a keeper on that front.
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