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Renzo Marquez
Tue Apr 23 19:29:21
I bought this computer at a garage sale. The browsing history only included 3 sites: this one, jdate.com, and blacked dot com. Luckily, there was a txt file on the desktop with passwords to all three. I haven't checked out the other two sites yet but this one seems like an interesting place. I think I'll start posting here.
Tue Apr 23 19:31:55
Tue Apr 23 20:19:46
Squatters shouldn't make so much noise.
Cherub Cow
Thu Apr 25 03:49:43
Welcome to JDate, Renzo Marquez! Get started by completing your profile!
Senor Marquez
Fri May 03 04:48:22
I've been on hiatus because I as being picked on and my feelings were hurt. I'm back now. Hopefully my lovely negro wife allows me to stay and no one calls me out on my "expertise" of the law.
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