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Utopia Talk / Politics / Eastern Ukriane will soon be Russian
Wed Apr 24 11:40:55
An without firing a single shot. Putin plays 4d-chess!


Russia simplifies getting citizenship for people in breakaway regions of eastern Ukraine

Published time: 24 Apr, 2019 13:49

People living in breakaway parts of Ukraine will now find it easier to apply for Russian citizenship. A decree simplifying the procedure for those living in rebel-held areas was signed by President Vladimir Putin.

The document – signed Wednesday – establishes a simplified procedure for acquiring Russian citizenship for any person with a permanent residence in parts of Ukraine’s Donetsk and Lugansk regions. The areas, which broke away from Kiev and declared themselves independent after the 2014 Maidan armed coup, are predominantly populated by ethnic Russians.

The simplified procedure lifts some of standard restrictions such as the requirement for applicants to have lived in Russia under a residency permit for at least five years and to have passed a formal language exam. The decree also demands that Russian officials process such citizenship requests within three months.

Rumors that the simplified procedure may soon apply to Ukrainians affected by the conflict have been floating around for months. Proponents of the measure argue that Russia should help alleviate the hardships which people in the two self-proclaimed republics faced since turning against Ukrainian authorities. The argument apparently was accepted by the Kremlin.

Vladimir Putin said that Moscow “doesn’t wish to create problems” for Ukraine, but will not tolerate instances when the residents of the breakaway regions “live deprived of all civil rights.”

“From a human rights perspective, that [situation] crosses all boundaries,” he stressed.

After taking power through an armed coup in 2014, the new authorities in Kiev launched a military crackdown on the anti-government forces in the east. The conflict has been smoldering ever since.

Turtle Crawler
Wed Apr 24 13:37:03
They are Soo slow and measured in their actions.
large member
Wed Apr 24 13:50:55
It took like forever with Hawaii.
large member
Wed Apr 24 15:34:20
Simplified citizenship procedure

According to a simplified procedure, citizenship is granted without requiring a residence permit and uninterrupted residence in the Russian Federation for five years. The term of considering the documents in this case does not exceed six months. For citizens of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, it has been reduced to three months in accordance with the four-party agreement signed on February 26, 1999, which took effect on November 4, 2000.

Currently, Russian citizenship can be obtained in accordance with a simplified procedure by:

- persons with at least one parent who is a citizen of the Russian Federation living in Russia;

- persons living in Russia who have been married to Russian citizens for more than three years;

- former Russian citizens who were born in the RSFSR;

- former Russian citizens who lived or live in the former Soviet republics and obtained no citizenship in the independent states created in these republics;

- former Soviet citizens living in Russia who are Great Patriotic War veterans;

- persons who received vocational education in the Russian Federation under government programs after July 1, 2002, who have worked in Russia legally for at least three years (with employers deducting insurance contributions to the Pension Fund from their earnings);

- self-employed entrepreneurs who have worked in Russia continuously for at least three years and deducted taxes, levies and charges to the Pension Fund annually to the tune of at least 1 mln rubles;

- investors whose share in the authorized capital of Russian companies specializing in the activities determined by the Russian government amounted to at least 10% within three years. At the same time, the size of these companies’ authorized capital should be no less than 100 mln rubles, while the amount of taxes, levies and charges to the Pension Fund should be at least 6 mln rubles;

- persons who have worked in Russia for at least three years with a specialization in a profession included in the list of the Russian Ministry of Labor and Social Protection;

- disabled persons with adult able-bodied children who are Russian citizens;

- some other categories of children and disabled persons.

In addition, Russian citizenship can be obtained under the simplified procedure by two more groups of foreign citizens and stateless persons (the time period for considering their applications is three months). The first group includes individuals who reside in Russia legally on a permanent basis and who are recognized as native Russian speakers by a special commission set up by the Interior Ministry with the involvement of philologists and linguists. They must pledge to comply with the Russian Constitution and legislation, have legitimate income and renounce foreign citizenship (for Ukrainian citizens, it is enough to submit a notarized copy of the application for renouncing citizenship sent to that country’s diplomatic mission).

The second category includes participants in the State program of assistance to voluntary resettlement of compatriots to the Russian Federation. They must be officially registered in the Russian Federation’s constituent entity chosen by them for permanent residence.

If the application for Russian citizenship is rejected, the applicant may apply for citizenship again in a year’s time.
2018 amendments to the Law on Citizenship

On December 28, 2018, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the amendments to the Federal Law on Citizenship. The document vests the head of state with the right to define, for humanitarian purposes, the categories of foreign citizens and stateless persons who are entitled to apply for Russian citizenship under a simplified procedure. That makes it possible to grant Russian citizenship primarily to those who live in countries with a complex socio-political and economic situation, where there are armed conflicts or unconstitutional regime change.
Oath of citizenship

Persons granted Russian citizens are required to take an oath, which reads, "While voluntarily and consciously acquiring the citizenship of the Russian Federation, I swear to comply with the Russian Constitution and legislation, respect the rights and freedoms of its citizens, fulfill my duties as a Russian citizen for the benefit of the state and society, protect freedom and independence of the Russian Federation, be loyal to Russia, respect its culture, history and traditions." Persons under the age of 18, disabled individuals and persons with special disabilities and the ones who are exempt from that duty in accordance with the Russian president’s decisions are exempt from the oath.

Over 1 mln people were granted Russian citizenship in 2012-2017. Of these, 525,000 acquired citizenship under the State program of assistance to voluntary resettlement of compatriots to the Russian Federation.

In 2014, 250,000 people were granted temporary asylum in Russia (in 2013 - 2,822), in 2015 - 149,600, in 2016 - 22,000, in 2017 - 10,400. By the beginning of 2019, 76,000 people had temporary asylum status in Russia (98% of them were refugees from Ukraine).

Sun Apr 28 11:02:23
Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the Jewish comedian who last week won Ukraine’s presidential election, has dismissed an offer by Vladimir Putin to provide passports to Ukrainians and pledged instead to grant citizenship to Russians who “suffer” under the Kremlin’s rule.

Zelenskiy released statement on Facebook late on Saturday that pledged to “give citizenship to representatives of all nations that suffer from authoritarian and corrupt regimes, but first and foremost to the Russian people who suffer most of all”.

In his Facebook post, Zelenskiy warned Russia not to talk with Ukraine “in the language of threats or military or economic pressure”.

He previously called for further international sanctions against Moscow.


He has not taken office yet but is already making an assault on Putin and Russia. Lolz.
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