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Utopia Talk / Politics / Seb wants to replace notre dame w mosque
Sam Adams
Fri Apr 26 12:58:54

A British architect came under fire for his “modest proposal,” in which he suggested replacing the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral spire with a “graceful minaret” as a memorial to the “approximately 100 Algerians who were killed by the French police while protesting the Algerian War in 1961.”

A minaret, from the Arabic word for “beacon,” is a tower commonly found on mosques and associated with Islamic religious architecture.
Fri Apr 26 13:06:38
Yeah I've been seeing a lot of bullshit like this. Here's some historian advocating that the roof be replaced with a modernist design because it will piss off the alt-right:


France better not fuck this one up.
Sam Adams
Fri Apr 26 13:18:04
I wonder what portion of the modern world just gets paid to social justice whine and actually contributes nothing to society.

On UP we know we have seb...
Cherub Cow
Fri Apr 26 14:16:23
Hmm, that article makes some fair points, though in complete fairness we in the supposed “West/East binary is a white racist invention” world should probably burn down Mecca and replace it with a postmodern water slide park. History is, after all, an amalgamation of influences. ;)

Academic virus voices aside, hopefully Notre Dame is rebuilt just the way it was — brick for brick... though, this could be a chance to... improve the foundations... in the Southeast corner.
Fri Apr 26 15:35:39
This from the idiot that wanted to do this to it:


And probably wants to blow up the blue mosque for that matter.

Again, for you it's about religion/race, for me it's about people. So no, I'm not interested in which fictional sky god it's dedicated to. To me it's about the architecture, and I love a good bit of flying butress.

They should rebuild it as was. All this bollocks about glass is moronic - would ruin the view of the stained glass roses as it needs to be dark inside.
Fri Apr 26 17:43:28
"They should rebuild it as was. "

On this much at least UP is probably fully united on. Which of course means that France will inevitably end up approving a new spire that looks like a miniature version of the Shard.
Fri Apr 26 17:56:17
They should change the stain glass to depictions on how The United States of America saved Europe's ass!
Fri Apr 26 18:03:37
Rebuild to have the same visual appearance. If there's room for improving the materials used to strengthen the building without making it look different, that should also be done.

As CC said, "improve the foundations... in the Southeast corner."
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