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Utopia Talk / Politics / Rise of the incels
Sun Apr 28 04:01:41
A long but good read:

Sun Apr 28 05:31:56
There is an easy solution and that is arranged marriage. But somehow you Westerners don't like it.
Sun Apr 28 07:35:47
1. Fuck Vox.

2. Skimming through this, one of the author's central arguments appears to be that "inceldom" is a byproduct of a male-dominated resistance to the sexual liberation of women and the loss of men's historic "rights" to demand sex. According to this feminist view, the modern Western man must accept the possibility that he may be a "loser" in the dating realm and will be denied access to sexual relations and romantic partnerships over the course of his life, and any reaction against this outcome is both regressive and misogynistic.

Which, fair enough, I guess. But as long as the author is ascribing larger societal ills to the problems of inceldom, how does he reconcile his theory that men must accept the possibility of perpetual virginity with the fact that those same men are living in a society that strongly glorifies sex, especially in the wake of the very same sexual revolution that gave women autonomy over their relationship decisions in the first place? And how does he also reconcile perpetual virginity and loneliness with the natural biological imperatives to engage in sexual intercourse and seek out intimate relationships? The author identifies the toxicity of what he considers "regressive" male attitudes to sex, but in fact those attitudes are being strongly reinforced by the contemporary society that those men are currently living in, a fact which he is completely silent on. How then does he propose to fix the basic impulses fueling this problem?

(Other than by implementing massive censorship controls over the internet, which he strongly implies support for in both his article and his outside twitter feed. Seriously, fuck Vox)

Sun Apr 28 10:41:52
”There is an easy solution and that is arranged marriage”

Or, it doesn’t have to be that drastic. Wouldn’t it be better if women said yes to men more often? That would be a win-win situation for everyone. Men would get more sex, women would get more sex, and maybe more babies would be born, and then we wouldn’t need to import ”labor”.

”the modern Western man must accept the possibility that he may be a "loser" in the dating realm and will be denied access to sexual relations and romantic partnerships over the course of his life”

Yup. Not everyone is a Chad. That’s the way it is and the non-Chads has to accept that. If you are an incel and can’t get laid for one reason or another, then a prostitute may be your only way to get some kind of intimate contact with a woman. And I think that is fine.

But in Sweden for an example, the feminists have made it a crime to pay a woman for intimacy/sex. Intimacy/sex is, along with food and water, a basic fundamental need for a human in order to function properly. It ought to be a crime against humanity to punish men who only wants to satisfy their fundamental needs. Imagine if they would also want to deny you to eat meat (oh wait, they are actually trying to do that too) then there would be an outcry, but somehow it is okay to punish men who needs initimacy and sex with a woman. Should some men live all their lives without any intimacy at all? What if you are stuck in a wheelchair, and if you also does not have the look of a Chad, should you then be doomed to a life without intimacy? Paying a woman for intimacy and sex may make your life more happy and healthy, and isn’t this what we should strive towards? If the woman agrees to give intimacy and sex for money, then why not? The State shouldn’t have the right to punish anyone for it.

Now I get it why they have made it a crime to pay for sex. Women may get exploited and abused, and there might be trafficking, etc. But make THAT a crime instead, instead of punishing two adults who consent to a business agreement (to buy and sell a service).
Sun Apr 28 20:40:08
Rugian's argument is retarded. 0/10 Reading Comprehension.

The Author's thesis was that mainly that internet mores snowball into toxicity and perpetuated ignorance and that people are better off going off and living life and developing real hobbies.

The weird obsession that incels have with women and their own insecurities are only compounded by spending so much time online interacting with incels.

All incels are retarded anyways. Go work out, get some hobbies, practice relating to people and you will bag girls.

Their lack of self-awareness and all the time they spend online probably makes them think that the average-looking girl is a brazzers porn star. Elliot Rodgers wasn't a bad looking guy but he was probably pining constantly for 9/10's and thought he deserved them because he drove a nice car.

And if you really are extremely ugly (which none of the incels who committed heinous crimes were), save money and get plastic surgery.

Incel-dom is just helplessness combined with online toxicity.

Hear that Rugian? It gets better brah. Go fucking get some hobbies and shit.
Sun Apr 28 21:00:58
If you can afford plastic surgery there is someone out there that will have sex with you.
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