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Wed May 01 04:26:29
Kid should be given to foster parents.


Mother Arrested for Letting Child Take Lyft to School

A New Orleans rapper is charged with child desertion after letting her five-year-old son take a Lyft by himself to school.

Christian Britschgi | 4.26.2019

A New Orleans rapper has been arrested on child desertion charges because she sent her 5-year-old kid to school via Lyft.

On Tuesday, the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff's Office announced on Facebook that they'd arrested 27-year-old Reiona Oliver (stage name "GameOva Reedy") after Oliver summoned a Lyft to her home to take her child to school eight miles away.

The Lyft driver, after realizing Oliver would not be accompanying her son, immediately drove him to a police station to report his mother. Oliver was arrested later that day.

Oliver, in a now deleted Instagram video, reportedly said that she sent her son to school by himself because she was not feeling well and that she didn't see anything wrong with leaving him with a Lyft driver.

Lyft has a policy against drivers picking up unaccompanied minors, so it sounds like Oliver violated the company's terms of service.

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