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The Children
Wed May 01 13:49:03

just got sacked.

his greatest "contribution" was warmongerin.

his kids must be real proud.

Wed May 01 15:27:04
So Williamson was the leaker? Yeah, theres no coming back from pulling that little stunt.
Wed May 01 16:03:36
It was so obviously him.

Bargain bin littlefinger/ Francis Urquhart wannabe.
The Children
Fri May 03 07:03:16
just watched some of his speeches on youtube. what a joker clown.

just look at him with that false smirk and superiority attitude fratboi tryin 2 pick fights.

Fri May 03 11:46:10
The fool should have stuck to leaking government plans on Brexit. Nobody bats an eye over stuff like that.
Sat May 04 06:38:31

Leaking from the NSC (especially when defence secretary) is far more problematic than other things as at NSC the secrets of our allies are discussed.
Sat May 04 08:53:47
He is probably the kind of guy who thinks he is untouchable and that he can do whatever with impunity. Right now, he is probably laughing at Britain with a superior smirk.

Why won’t the Brits execute him?
Sat May 04 13:39:10
UK police will not probe sacked defense minister over Huawei leak

LONDON (Reuters) - British police will not investigate the sacked defense minister, Gavin Williamson, after a senior officer said the information that was leaked about Chinese telecoms company Huawei was too minor to count as a criminal offence.

“The importance of this was not about the information that was leaked, it was where it was leaked from. This was about the NSC and trust in the NSC,” she [Theresa May] told Sky News on Saturday before the police said there was no criminal case to answer.

“The investigation was conducted properly, and was about the fact that something was leaked from the NSC, and the importance of everybody around that table having trust when they come together in those meetings,” she added.


So if it isn’t about WHAT was leaked but rather WHERE it was leaked from, and about the trust in the NSC – shouldn’t the police investigate the sacked minister then, and punish him, to restore trust in the NSC?
Sat May 04 15:50:26

If no crime has been committed, then the police have no role to play.

I imagine though the govt does not want there to be further investigations as it will throw more and more light onto the fact that this is a political decision - i.e. ministers serve at the confidence of the PM who may sack them whenever they damned well want - taken on the balance of probabilities, probably with not a huge amount of definitive evidence but enough for May to have lost confidence in Williamson.

The more light is thrown onto the fact that it is basically May being convinced by fairly circumstantial evidence; given May's precarious position in the party and generally poor judgement, it will hurt her.

Bottom line, she was totally right and within her rights to sack him. He's the most likely to have done it, he's been undermining her for weeks and been out of control on other issues, and she thinks he did it - and that last bit is all that matters. IF she thinks he did it, then she can't reasonably continue to entrust to him the role of secretary of state for defence. It's her job and nobody else's to make the call as to who fills that position, and if she decided to let him stay on, despite believing him to be a security risk she would be incompetent. And if she was enforced to keep him on due to lack of definitive evidence, how could she be accountable for the performance of the government? Indeed, who would be accountable? Nobody.

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