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Utopia Talk / Politics / Guess the race... redneck version
Sam Adams
Wed May 01 16:27:08
Virginia man shoots two people after argument over which is better brand: Chevy or Ford?
Anarchist Prime
Wed May 01 16:36:53
Wed May 01 20:33:12
the wanderer
Wed May 01 21:37:03
Bedford County Commonwealth's Attorney Wes Nance said Turner, his girlfriend, her son, and her son's girlfriend were having a pre-Easter dinner at their home.

Nance said the four were in the front yard when an argument started between Turner and his girlfriend's son about if Chevy or Ford is a better car manufacturer. During the argument, Nance said Turner pulled out a knife and his girlfriend tried to get between the two.

They said she was stabbed in the lower back area by Turner, leaving a six-inch wound.

Nance said Turner then went into the house and came back outside with a gun. His girlfriend put herself between Turner and her son again when Nance said Turner shot her five times in the leg.

The woman's son was shot in the arm, Nance said there was an entry and exit wound.

The son's girlfriend was hit by two bullets that Nance said ricocheted; one hit her in the back and one hit her in the cheek.

so a woman is stabbed and shot 5 times by her boyfriend while trying to stop him from killing her son... will she stay with him?
Wed May 01 22:04:39
You know she can change him!
Thu May 02 00:54:31
Buy more guns.
Thu May 02 07:50:33
Ford always sells more of their top selling truck, consumer has spoken. But this is as good a cause as any, to open fire
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