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Utopia Talk / Politics / USA is spreading the disease
Thu May 02 00:48:32
Cruise ship in St. Lucia quarantined over confirmed measles case

St. Lucia Coast Guard confirmed the vessel bears the same name as one owned and operated by the Church of Scientology.

A cruise ship with nearly 300 passengers and crew was ordered quarantined in the Caribbean port of St. Lucia after a case of measles was confirmed on board, island health officials said Wednesday.

One female crew member has a confirmed case and St. Lucian authorities said they've been working in close consultation with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA).

The ship has been under quarantine since Monday morning, officials said.

"Measles in a highly contagious disease. Anyone who is not adequately immunized against measles can contract the disease, if there has been close contact with a confirmed case," according to a statement issued Wednesday by Dr. Merlene Fredericks-James, the island nation's chief medical officer. "It is therefore likely that other persons on the boat may have been exposed."

"The ship’s doctor has the confirmed case in isolation on the ship," Dr. Fredericks-James added. "The individual is in stable condition."

St. Lucian health officials declined to name the ship involved.

But St. Lucia Coast Guard Sgt. Victor Theodore told NBC News that the vessel involved is named "Freewinds," which is the name of a 440-foot cruise ship owned and operated by the Church of Scientology

Theodore identified the quarantined craft as the same one that's listed on the church's website.

While no one has been allowed to leave the ship, St. Lucian authorities said they don't have the authority to keep it from leaving.

For now, the ship is scheduled to leave St. Lucia at 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, officials said.

"The ship can leave our port, but we have no jurisdiction over their next destination," Dr. Fredericks-James told NBC News.


Maybe the US is trying to infect Venezuela?
smart dude
Thu May 02 01:42:58
Who cured measles?
Thu May 02 09:13:59
Dumbass sea ops deserve what they get.
Thu May 02 09:28:20
Even if you get measles, it has only like a 0.2% chance of killing you as long as you're not on an African diet. No biggie.
Anarchist Prime
Thu May 02 09:32:30
xenu winning
Thu May 02 09:58:03


The motor vessel Freewinds is a 440-foot ship based in the Caribbean. Its home port is Curaçao. The ship, in turn, is the home of the Flag Ship Service Organization (FSSO), a religious retreat ministering the most advanced level of spiritual counseling in the Scientology religion.

The Freewinds provides a safe, aesthetic, distraction-free environment appropriate for ministration of this profoundly spiritual level of auditing. Thus, while the Flag Service Organization in Clearwater ministers the highest levels of training and auditing from the bottom of the Bridge to New OT VII, the most advanced OT level (New OT VIII) is exclusively entrusted to the FSSO.

To a Scientologist, boarding the Freewinds for New OT VIII is the pinnacle of a deeply spiritual journey. Years of training and auditing have brought him to this ultimate point. It is the most significant spiritual accomplishment of his lifetime and brings with it the full realization of his immortality.

The Freewinds is a very special place. It is the one place a Scientologist may go and be certain he will be able to devote himself entirely to his religious practice and in the company of people who share his religious commitment and outlook on life in general.

Other religious programs conducted aboard the Freewinds include religious conventions and seminars for staff and parishioners from Churches of Scientology world over, as well as specially arranged gatherings of Scientologists from a particular country or community for a tailored program of religious services.

Thu May 02 10:37:49
there is not enough alcohol on that fuckin ship to make this cruise fun. Sounds horrible. They probably welcomed measles
Thu May 02 15:22:11
I read that the ship has asked for 100 doses of vaccine.

I wonder if Tom Cruise is on that chip
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