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Utopia Talk / Politics / warmonger usa
The Children
Sat May 04 12:26:57


dude, this is some funny and at same time extremely sad how this happened.

so now we know how usa operates.

The Children
Sat May 04 12:29:44
so thats what went down in venezuela.

they bribe some disgruntled soldiers and guards. tell them 2 release high level personnel. they go on and call out open violence. they trick there own soldiers into tryin 2 do unethical things like invadin prisons and lettin out prisoners 2 fight 4 them.

looks similar 2 turkey too.

Sat May 04 12:47:44
The USA is morally bankrupt.
Sat May 04 13:20:19
The US released prisoners in Libya and in Syria also, and then gave them weapons to fight and kill their own people.
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