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Utopia Talk / Politics / NYT apologizes^^
Greedy Jew
Mon May 06 14:11:05
Nobody is allowed to attack us^^


NY Times prints Netanyahu-Trump cartoon with ‘anti-Semitic tropes,’ retracts it
Image included in paper’s international edition shows Israeli PM as a dog guiding a skullcap-wearing US president; paper says it was ‘offensive, an error of judgment’
By TOI staff 27 April 2019,

The New York Times on Saturday acknowledged publishing a caricature in its international edition that it said “included anti-Semitic tropes” and called its use an “error of judgment.” The paper did not explicitly apologize for carrying the cartoon.

The image included in Thursday’s international print edition showed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a guide dog wearing a Star of David on his collar, leading a blind US President Donald Trump, seen wearing a skullcap.

In a post to its Twitter page, the Times’ opinion section wrote that the cartoon “included anti-Semitic tropes… The image was offensive, and it was an error of judgment to publish it.

Israel’s Channel 13 news reported Saturday night that Danny Dayan, Israel’s consul-general in New York, had protested to the newspaper about the cartoon.

Earlier this year Brazilian Jews filed a lawsuit against a cartoonist over a drawing they said was anti-Semitic.

The cartoon featured Netanyahu and Brazil’s new president Jair Bolsonaro in a hug with their arms held in the shape of a swastika. The image by cartoonist Aroeira was published in the O Dia newspaper.

Similarly in August of 2018, Israel’s ambassador to Norway complained over a Norwegian daily’s use of a cartoon of Netanyahu, which he criticized as anti-Semitic.

That caricature showed Netanyahu, whose body is in the form of a swastika, punching a member of Israel’s Druze minority off a bench reading “whites only.”

The image was apparently commenting on recently passed legislation defining Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people.

the wanderer
Mon May 06 15:35:42
what would be a non-anti-semetic way to portray how Trump is blindly being led around by Netanyahu?

way too many things being labeled anti-semetic
Mon May 06 19:49:15
There does seem to be a little bit of Jewish over-sensitivity at play here.

On the other hand, try replacing that cartoon with one featuring Allah and see what happens.
Mon May 06 19:52:29
"what would be a non-anti-semetic way to portray how Trump is blindly being led around by Netanyahu?"

Blindly? Dude got himself a town named after him over the Golan Heights issue, who's really leading who here?
Tue May 07 07:49:38
"On the other hand, try replacing that cartoon with one featuring Allah and see what happens."

Well, Hitler draw a lof of cartoons of jews in the 30's, and look what happened. That's how he got everyone to hate jews and turn a blind eye when he killed them. Although, Hitler didn't want to kill the jews according to Netanyahu. It was the Palestinians who tricked him into it.
Tue May 07 07:52:52
So NYT immediately retracts and apologizes. Meanwhile Trump and Fox News always double down on stupid. And yet the cuckservatives always whine about the Mainstream media while their trusted media is run by people robbing them blind.
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