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Utopia Talk / Politics / You must all congratulate me
Wed May 08 12:38:54
Happy Capitulation Day to myself!


The greatest day in German history. Following that day we became part of the civilized world.

I will add to articles from today from my home town, both automatically translated to English.
Wed May 08 12:40:27

Looking for dead US pilots in Münster

World War II pilot crashed
Excavations on federal highway
Identification in USA

The US military is looking with elaborate excavations in Münster for a lost pilot. He had been shot down in 1945 with his fighter-bomber over Münster. The suspected crash site is now out of town on the B54 .

Every square meter of earth is currently being cleared away and sieved, by hand and laboriously by hand - that takes weeks. So far, the Americans have found ammunition remains, but they are looking for human remains that can later be investigated and identified in the USA .

Concrete suspicion case

The search party on behalf of the US Department of Defense is following a concrete suspicion. Who it is in the sought, but will not publicly reveal, even to potential relatives not premature to make hopes. If, after the examinations, it is certain that this is the one he seeks, relatives can say goodbye and he will then be buried with military honors.

As of: 08.05.2019, 13:43
Wed May 08 12:42:23

08.05.2019, 14:29 last updated 36 minutes ago

ordnance at Münster Central Station
From dpa

Muenster. The defusing of a World War II bomb at the Münster station has caused traffic delays on Wednesday afternoon and early evening. The train had blocked the station from 17.15 clock and stopped or diverted trains.

200 meters around the site, people were taken to safety in the afternoon. About 1,000 people were affected, said the city. Shortly after 18.00 clock announced the railway and authorities defusing. The station was reopened. "Operating situation is stabilizing," said the railway.

The 125-kilogram bomb had been found on a construction site behind the main station.
Wed May 08 13:21:50
is celebrating defeat a german thing?
Wed May 08 15:46:09
I think celebrating the defeat of nazism and fascism is a leftist liberal thing.
Wed May 08 15:50:29
Modern leftism is basically nazism, but without the cool uniforms.
Wed May 08 16:23:06
I mean, this day should be a day of utter shame for you. Cause your dad literally had to be killed by my dad cause if my dad stood by, your family would be executing Jews for no reason. Literally a weird day for you to celebrate. You are the progeny of the worst people of the world.
Wed May 08 17:01:34

And yet you wonder why the average German wants to see their women raped and impregnated by North Africans.

Literally any source of DNA that isn't German is considered an improvement.
large member
Thu May 09 02:12:32
I had no idea your family is from the USSR, nor that you dad fathered you so late in life.

German and French DNA is indistinguishable.

I get what you are saying. Did you know that Denmark celebrates this day on the 5th of May?

Seems only fair that the German occupiers be allowed to enjoy their going away party in 1945.

Very civilized of the Danes.
Thu May 09 08:41:17
"Cause your dad literally had to be killed by my dad cause if my dad stood by, your family would be executing Jews for no reason"

lol, how old is Pedro Sr? I have a grandfather still alive, who fought in the war, he was born in 1921. You must have confused your dad's tales about zapatista peasant revolt with wwII, mt
Thu May 09 08:53:47
In this thread I learned that mt is actually hot rod. Ages line up.
Thu May 09 10:46:36
ah, humor, rarely lands among morons unless it is about farts and smelly vaginas.
Thu May 09 12:05:52
Speaking of smelly vaginas, mt's humor!
Thu May 09 16:49:20
So why is it black sjw's are the bitch of their female feminist counterparts at universities?
Sat May 11 02:09:59
"You are the progeny of the worst people of the world."
Thank you very much. I did even use this as an argument. When a foreigner played the tough guy then I reminded him of what "my" people were capable of, this really disturbs people. Yeah it's trolling but in these weird times people would hate me even more for the truth that I have become sort of a globalist.

"I mean, this day should be a day of utter shame for you."
Do you feel any shame for Donald Trump?
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