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The current time is Fri Jul 10 11:04:04 2020

Utopia Talk / Politics / Deep state plot thrawted
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Fri May 10 12:57:09
I hope Trump tweets about this.

the wanderer
Fri May 10 13:18:39
some great detective work

also... Comey did another fantastic job at a town hall last night
Fri May 10 13:23:09
Please tell me you're not still ballwashing that criminal, tw.
Fri May 10 13:31:19
Yeah because you'll be just like me with Trump's
the wanderer
Fri May 10 13:31:28
i'll assume you've never watched him testify or otherwise questioned... (& believe he lied & possibly committed treason depending how far into Trump's warped realm of deceit you've wandered)

Comey's the anti-Trump
Fri May 10 13:41:52
The guy has a classic case of being butthurt that he got fired from his job. Oh, and he also ran interference for the Obama administration on the Hillary emails case. But sure, hes James Tiberius Comey because he holds regular anti-Trump meltdowns on CNN.
the wanderer
Fri May 10 13:47:36
so when he announced the case was reopened right before election that was all for Hillary's benefit? (for the record, i don't believe he was ever pro-Hillary or pro-Trump)

and regular? like twice or something?
the wanderer
Fri May 10 14:05:44
if anyone doesn't respect the man, watch either of his congressional testimonies where he takes heat from both sides w/ continuous professionalism

if you still don't respect him, you probably think Trump is an honest hero & want this on your wall:
Fri May 10 15:20:12
Well tumbleweed since you believe Comey's every word then yeah he did reopen the case for her benefit.

"I had assumed from media polling that Hillary Clinton was going to win. I have asked myself many times since if I was influenced by that assumption. I don’t know. Certainly not consciously but I would be a fool to say it couldn’t have had an impact on me.

"It is entirely possible that, because I was making decisions in an environment where Hillary Clinton was sure to be the next president, my concern about making her an illegitimate president by concealing the restarted investigation bore greater weight than it would have if the election appeared closer or if Donald Trump were ahead in the polls. But I don’t know."
the wanderer
Fri May 10 16:40:40
are you considering that a good argument or just being smug?

obviously it was not to help Hillary -win- which is the relevant issue (& i don't believe it was to help Trump win as various Hillary supporters believe)

America losing Comey & gaining Trump was clearly an enormous leap in the wrong direction
the wanderer
Fri May 10 16:49:27
he was also faulted for the negative information he gave about Hillary when explaining why he didn't recommend charging as normal course when no charges is just saying so & nothing more

(although again there was reasonable explanation imo... stemming from the total piece of shit liar fraud out claiming rigged system continuously)
Fri May 10 17:21:04
He says it was to help Hillary. He assumed she was going to win and tried to help her.I don't believe him. I think he is trying to justify his fuck-up. Seems you believe all he says though so there ya have it.

It didn't change the results of the election. Hillary blew that all on her own with a horrible campaign.

Comey basically fucked up over and over again in a short time span and has been trying to spin it positive since. And he likes the attention he gets from the main stream media so he will say whatever to get invited back.
the wanderer
Fri May 10 17:27:25
his story is the FBI doesn't like to release info close to an election, however, Hillary being in the lead created extra weight to his dilemma:

he had already publicly cleared her, so if she won & later it turned out he had to charge her it would look like the FBI concealed info & helped her win

it's very hard to twist that into him having pro-Hillary bias... of course you have weird nonsensical views, & watch garbage 'news' shows, so i'm sure you can in your own mind

Comey's story has been consistent from day one, he answers questions directly, no misdirections or dodges, no lies demonstrated, and his explanations are completely reasonable w/o any indication of partisan taint

but as w/ Rugian I'll assume you've never actually listened to him other then maybe sentence fragments by the disgraces on Fox News
the wanderer
Fri May 10 17:42:54
also, i doubt you could defend "fucked up over and over again in a short time span" very well

fault #1: (Comey giving details about Hillary)
Comey gave the detailed explanation about not charging Hillary, including all the negative info about her & stating she would've been disciplined had she still been employed, etc. because Asshole was out talking about the system being rigged & hyping the tarmac meeting, claiming she would be corruptly exonnerated... if Comey had done the appropriate thing & simply stated 'no charges' w/ no explanation, Asshole would've just had a boost of fuel to his lies (of course the lying Asshole, & his ignorant horde didn't bother to even pay attention to Comey's completely reasonable rationale* for not charging & still decided rigged anyway)

*he noted only one person in history had even been charged w/o having intent (which is intent to commit the crime of mishandling classified info... i know some people get hung up on what intent means for some reason...) and even that person had charges dropped, so NOT charging Hillary was not unusual in ANY way whatsoever, it was completely normal... & reasonable for that matter (& is basically also one reason Don Jr. escaped charges)

fault #2: announcing the reopening
i already basically covered why he felt the need to do it (he acknowledged both options were bad, but felt he chose least bad)

those were the only 2 things he was faulted for, hardly 'fucks ups over & over'... he made 2 tough choices, with bad results no matter the choice, and both situations created by Asshole being a lying fraud child piece of shit asshole
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