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Utopia Talk / Politics / Game of Thrones: Mother's Day
Sun May 12 19:15:53
What in God's name happened to King's Landing?


Either Qyburn unlocked Industrial Revolution and is now engaged in a massive programme of logging, mountaintop removal mining, and land reclamation, or the show's design team had no direction on how King's Landing was supposed to look like for six entire seasons. Yowza.

Anyway, I'll leave the witty teaser for IBTY to handle.
Sun May 12 19:50:34
Yeah the image of kings landing in the first season is dramatically different than what we saw last episode. Maybe they purposely cut down the trees to provide less cover from attacking armies? At throw away line from qyburn to cersie about that is all itd take. Ah well.
Cherub Cow
Sun May 12 23:01:35
lulz... they straight-up changed the landscape :D ... I thought maybe it was a different direction, but that bottom-right image (shown at about 34:40 in S8E5) pictures the ruins of the Sept of Baelor, so she's looking in the same direction but without (larger) mountains to the right or a coast visible to the left. That *could* be the ruins of the Dragonpit Colosseum since those ruins were said to be on a hill, but there's no view from the Red Keep that could have the Dragonpit, a little bit of mountains to the right, and no Sept of Baelor footprint. If they wanted the Dragonpit to be farther "left" (South-SouthWest?) than the Sept of Baelor, then there should be much more coast in the view — not a desert wall. Continuity error, plain and simple.
Tue May 14 12:17:29

It looks like the sea receded.

Glaciation from onset of winter?
Tue May 14 12:23:20
Just looking at the map on the right hand side vs pics on the left.

I can sort of buy the idea that the map shows what the visual scene on the left looks like if the water drops a few meters.

But the hills have all moved about.

And the pics on the right don't line up
Sat May 18 10:18:37

Not just Season 1, Seasons 4, 5, 6, and even kind of Season 7 King's Landings were radically different from this one.

They didn't just get rid of trees, they got rid of mountains and sea as well. It's a completely new topography.

And not only that, but based on the last episode KL is now on a goddamn BLUFF as well:



Yeah, that looks to be the same angle to me as well. Seriously, there's no reconciling those two shots.


Maybe it's like in the Lion King when Scar's takeover caused the entire Pride Lands to fall into drought. The writers certainly seem capable of operating on that level.
Sat May 18 10:45:49
This shit is triggering the autist in me in a major way.


-Here's Season 1 KL, on lowlands, surrounded by mountains and the sea:



-Seasons 4 and 5 KLs, again on lowlands, VERY clearly surrounded by the sea on three sides and with mountains directly abutting the landward side:





Season 6 KL, looking somewhat larger than before, but otherwise mostly the same in basic form:




Season 7 KL, now MUCH larger and with a massive (hitherto nonexistent) plain on its south side, but still flanked by highlands on the west:




But now, Season 8 KL, with most of the mountains gone, the sea having receded, the plain turning into a semi-desert, and the city standing on a fucking BLUFF:




I get that TV shows will often make revisions to various stuff over time, especially during the "finding its groove" phase, but to be making changes like this in the LAST season is so absolutely bizarre.
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