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Utopia Talk / Politics / Pray for Madonna!
Sun May 19 05:45:06
She was a special guest at the Eurovision Song Contest in Israel last night, but her performance was the worst ever:


Send her your prayers for her voice!


Eurovision 2019: Madonna roasted over 'car crash' performance with fans 'united in disappointment'

Updated about 8 hours ago

Pop superstar Madonna has come under fire for her "car crash" Eurovision performance, with punters taking to social media to pan the singer's pitch (or lack thereof).

Donning a glittered X eyepatch, the music icon took to the stage during the 2019 grand final to perform a pared-back rendition of her classic hit Like a Prayer and her new single Future.

But what should have been an evening of theatrical fun took a different turn when audiences found themselves distracted by the singer's vocals — for all the wrong reasons.

"This is a car crash, I can't look away," wrote one viewer, taking aim at Madonna's perceived overreliance on autotune.
Sun May 19 05:48:35
Btw. this is the winner:
Duncan Laurence from the Netherlands

Sun May 19 07:29:36
She does anything for a little bit of money.

And it feels like her expiration date is long overdue.

I read that one of her dancers had the flag of Palestine on her back. I’m surprised that the jews has not called out Madonna and her show as anti-semitic yet.
Sun May 19 13:25:33
was she ever known to have a good voice? was her thing pretty much just doing sex on stage? at her age, aint no niggah wanna fuck that thing now.
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