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Utopia Talk / Politics / Google shares your password to anyone
Wed May 22 00:53:28
Google has shared your password in plain text for fourteen years, to anyone.

Google stored some passwords in plain text for fourteen years

In a blog post today, Google disclosed that it recently discovered a bug that caused some portion of G Suite users to have their passwords stored in plain text. The bug has been around since 2005, though Google says that it can’t find any evidence that anybody’s password was improperly accessed. It’s resetting any passwords that might be affected and letting G Suite administrators know about the issue.

G Suite is the corporate version of Gmail and Google’s other apps, and apparently the bug came about in this product because of a feature designed specifically for companies.

For its part, Google didn’t characterize just how many users might have been affected by this bug beyond saying it affected “a subset of our enterprise G Suite customers” — presumably anybody who was using G Suite in 2005.


Google should be banned from the planet. They are a clear security threat to everyone.
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