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Utopia Talk / Politics / Happy not brexit day
Thu May 23 06:42:31
Hello everyone, third not-brexit day this year!

Well we get to celebrate not-brexit day again in October?

Who knows?

In the meantime, here's a video about a group of people coming together to make simmering better than the sum of its parts that they couldn't as individuals.

Thu May 23 06:43:22
I suppose, technically speaking, it was not-brexit day yesterday.
Thu May 23 08:13:40
Here's the burning question I have on the whole Brexit debacle right now.

Are milkshake attacks still going to be considered funny and irreverent if people like, say, Anna Soubry or Corbyn's token black frontbencher start becoming targets?
Thu May 23 09:43:00
What, like when they egged John Prescott?

As it happens I'm not a fan of this milkshake thing.

But, and this is important, it's *funny* when done to Farrage because he's been using inflamed language, using the thinly veiled threats of violent uprisings, he's the one predominantly using language stoking up violence (treachery etc) and its been his supporters that have been going around intimidating people.

It's funny because while he has contributed, benefited and stoked an environment where *a labour mp got shot*, he's running scared of *a milkshake*.

And that applies exponentially more for Yaxlely Lennon.

So no, it won't be as *funny* if done to Sudbury or Corbyn; though it will be equally wrong.

Thu May 23 11:14:10

Soubry and Corbyn are respectively trying to overturn a democratic referendum in order to appease her continental overlords and seeking to destroy your entire economy by turning Great Britain into a Maoist dystopia. I find those to be way more worthy of being worth an engging if anything.

As for inflaming radicalism, I'd think the people advocating that espousing anti-immigration policies or saying politically correct things on the internet be a jailable offense do a good enough job bringing the hatred upon themselves.

See how easy it is to marginalize political views you disagree with?
Thu May 23 12:14:46

1. Corbyn isn't. Corbyn supports brexit.
2. Nothing wrong with using the democratic process to try and overturn a referendum. That is, after all, what Eurosceptics have been doing since the last one.
3. Destroying our economy - look at what brexit is doing.

Inflaming radicalism is saying "we must do brexit or I'll get my gun and march in the streets". Which Farrage said. Ho Jo, it's a joke. Only of course, that's exactly what Thomas Mair did.

Anyone throwing a Milkshake ought to be prepared to go to prison for assault.

Nevertheless, it is funny. A man that talks about violent revolt against the state should democratic and legal processes thwart him, and how we must go ahead with brexit less (regrettably) Brexiteers riot, is hiding from a couple of teenagers with a milkshake.
Thu May 23 12:17:58
So by all means, if you want to throw an egg and are prepared to be arrested - egg Andrew Adonis.

It's a lot better than physically beating or shooting, or hammering on peoples doors at 3am or shooting that has been done by the "marginalised" brexiteer fringes that you've never complained about. I would applaud such new found restraint from that faction.

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