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The Children
Fri May 31 09:50:42



25% mofos. eat that shit.
Fri May 31 10:16:04
I’m disappointed. They should have cut off exports of those minerals to the US completely. At least 50% tariffs. But maybe that will be the next step. China is actually being very kind here.
The Children
Fri May 31 10:22:54
i think it is good.

they also comin up with entity list so maybe some of these companies gonna get blocked completely. no rare earths to them.!

double fuckin wammy right there.
The Children
Fri May 31 10:51:02
so quiet in here. where yall at. cat got ur tongues.

u guyz sleepin or somethig? 2 tired of winning?
Fri May 31 15:30:16
Paramount if it were more than 25% the US would either start processing resources for themselves or find other alternatives. China is just as dependent on exporting those rare minerals as the US is in importing them. The thing with making a profit with commodities is you have to have both a buyer and a seller.
Neither side is doing anything to the other that is more than an annoyance so far and probably will not. We will have some more bolstering by both sides then they will reach an agreement both can and will claim gives them a victory in the trade war.
The Children
Fri May 31 16:39:11
aww get outta here nigga.

we own that shit. we put 100% tariffs on it and noone else can replace us coz we the only ones who can mine process and refine that shit.

we hold the largest amounts. period.

Fri May 31 20:50:43
China isn't near the only country that has the ore and can process it. What China does have is the cheap labor force and a lack of restrictions in how the process takes place. They can produce it cheap. The tariffs get up to much and suddenly they have competition that can match them on price.

Holding the largest amounts does not equate to having it all. China has about a third of the worlds reserves for rare earth minerals and close to 50% of the worlds deposits. Again what China has that the other countries do not is a way to produce them cheap.

China did play this game once before and prices went up quite a bit. The result was companies started investing research in getting away from needing rare earth minerals. That research continues and per unit the amount of minerals needed has gone down. Overall the amount used has gone up as more units have been sold.

China has to strike a balance. They don't want to price themselves out of the market so it makes sense to invest in mines in other countries and they don't want to threaten cutting production as companies will ramp up alternative solutions.

Of course if the Green New Deal becomes law and we all have to either drive electric cars or walk then China can charge whatever the fuck they want.
the wanderer
Fri May 31 21:17:56
electric cars are not mandatory in the Green New Deal, not sure anything is... and cows and planes are not banned... and the military not banned... (may blow your mind depending what level of misinformation you are believing)

...yes, Trump claimed the military would be banned

China can get whatever they want out of Trump when the election gets closer, he'll do anything in his own interests over America's, as he's demonstrated repeatedly... and he'll claim whatever happens was the greatest achievement in history regardless

Fri May 31 21:33:49
The Green New Deal is a proposal to have us off of most fossil fuels in a set number of years. What other alternative is there as they are not considering nuclear energy at all? Flintstone cars?
The funny/ironic thing is those helping finalize the proposal have suggested 900 new dams world wide to generate power and environmental groups are fighting hard to get many existing dams torn down.

Here is a summary for you.
Fri May 31 21:34:18
damn haven't done that in a long time.

the wanderer
Fri May 31 23:34:50
i'm not seeing any mandates or bans
Sat Jun 01 00:05:25
Trade wars hitting blue states now. Rare earths used in lots of tech devices.

Fucking dumbass Trump.
Sat Jun 01 03:36:50
Opened, the 5th seal has been, begun the rare earth mineral conflict has. More warnings you will not get.

12.5% by 2020.
Sat Jun 01 03:40:43
"i'm not seeing any mandates or bans"

What they eventually want can only come about with mandates and bans.
The Children
Sun Jun 02 11:02:55
u scared yet. we hold all da cards and now u know it.

Sun Jun 02 12:34:20
No need to be scared. China depends on scavenging technology to make their advances. They also depend on other countries buying all their cheap shit to keep their economy going. The leaders of China are not stupid. They will reach an agreement soon enough, promise not to steal technology then secretly go back to stealing technology.
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