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Utopia Talk / Politics / Used diapers on the way to Canada
Fri May 31 11:16:41
Philippines ships 69 containers of dumped rubbish back to Canada

A cargo ship carrying tonnes of rubbish dumped in the Philippines by Canada more than five years ago, causing a festering diplomatic row, has left the Southeast Asian country, as nations in the region increasingly reject serving as dumpsites for wealthier states.

The 69 shipping containers of rotting waste were loaded onto the M/V Bavaria at Subic Bay port in the early hours of Friday, before embarking on a 20-day journey to Vancouver, in southwestern Canada.

"Baaaaaaaaa bye, as we say it," Philippine Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin wrote on Twitter, along with images of the vessel leaving.


Several containers of the rubbish had been disposed of, including in a landfill, leaving 69 containers of electrical and household waste, including used diapers, rotting in two Philippine ports.

Fri May 31 11:21:37
If Canada was Mossad they would have sabotaged the ship in port and made sure that all the garbage was washed up on a beach in the Philippines.
Fri May 31 11:24:53
Your ability to insert your rabid anti-Semitism into a Philippines garbage story is breathtaking.

Between this and your recent shilling for the Chinese Communist Party, you've been on a roll lately.
Fri May 31 12:08:29
Sounds like more plastic in the Pacific
Fri May 31 15:40:44
Canada will probably contest in world court. The Philippines has taken garbage from many countries and because of corrupt local officials there is no real record of who shipped what and when. There is also the matter of the contract that allowed the garbage to be shipped in the first place. Again corruption comes into play as local officials were taking in much more garbage than they were reporting to the Philippine government.

Unless the garbage is in the original containers and they can prove there was no tampering Canada and other countries can argue the garbage being shipped back doesn't belong to them. That would tie things up in court for a very long time.

A better solution would be Canada and other countries (US included) start dealing with their own garbage and take some responsibility for garbage already sent elsewhere.
The Children
Fri May 31 16:40:56
they probably dump it in da oceans.

that shit is probably so toxic by now, even the fumes wuld be hazardous. just smellin it wuld cause lungs 2 develop pheumonai.

canada not gonna clean that shit. they prolly dump it in da ocean. if they wanted 2 take that shit back, it wuldve done so 5 years ago.

they dunt want it. thats da reality.
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