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Utopia Talk / Politics / Pseudo-public space
Fri May 31 14:44:55
Or, no-go zones.

This article is a bit long so I’ll just leave a link here: http://www...-pops-london-investigation-map
Fri May 31 15:18:06
That they allow the public access at all is a good thing and probably shouldn't be pushed. If the city starts making demands of the owners they can and probably will put up signs and/or fences and declare the land for employees only. By using surveillance and limiting certain activities those areas are probably much safer than many true public parks.
Fri May 31 15:30:37
So if private companies bought up and owned all land and if their security people patroled the land – dictating who can walk on their land and what citizens can do there, then citites and countries would be safe?
Sat Jun 01 03:40:13
Yes just like it was during the feudal era :) Those were the days.
Sat Jun 01 03:46:20
You could clear the grand canyon with a leap like that.

You've gone from a four acre park to an entire continent in one quick jump.

I wouldn't want to live in a country such as you described but yeah I'm guessing it would be a lot safer right up to the point they start making little green crackers out of you.
the wanderer
Sat Jun 01 11:51:55
it's not businesses making parks next to their buildings

Abu Dhabi owns the open space around the ExCeL centre

Kuwait owns the land around City Hall

sounds creepy & weird
large member
Tue Jun 04 04:52:01
Ownership is not the problem. Legislation regulating what is allowed and not allowed is missing.

It should frankly not matter who owns areas zoned as public areas.
Tue Jun 04 07:42:29
First off, no one should begrudge landowners for refusing to answer questions from The Guardian, an organization of far-left socialist twats that routinely displays a contempt for the concept of private property rights in general.

That being said, what IS the problem with publically posting rules for privately-held space? Installing a "Welcome to XYZ Park, shoes required, Occupy protestors and homeless scum can fuck off" sign doesnt seem like it would be that difficult.
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