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Utopia Talk / Politics / New Elections for Trump's FavoriteStooge
Wed Jun 05 03:19:51

Israel’s parliament has voted to dissolve itself after Benjamin Netanyahu failed to form a government, in a move that will lead to a second round of elections just one month after the country held a national poll.

At a suspenseful gathering that ended weeks of unsuccessful bartering and brinkmanship, the Knesset voted to disperse and call new elections, set for 17 September.

Coalition talks stalled after far-right former defence minister Avigdor Lieberman, a Netanyahu ally-turned-rival, refused to back the prime minister.


A new election will complicate US efforts to press ahead with Donald Trump’s peace plan, which has already been rejected by the Palestinian leadership.

They declined to join an economic conference in Bahrain next month, which Washington said would discuss the potential economic incentives of its still-undisclosed vision which Trump has promised would be the “ultimate deal”.

It is not clear if the conference will go ahead. Jared Kushner, the peace plan’s architect and Trump’s son-in-law, is currently in the Middle East to garner support. He is due in Jerusalem on Thursday.

• This article was amended on 4 June 2019. Trump has publicly referred to his peace plan as the “ultimate deal”, not the “deal of the century”.


My feeling is that people get sick of anything associated with Trump as time goes on but we'll see.
the wanderer
Wed Jun 05 11:42:54
i'd say Trump is more Netanyahu's stooge

it sounded like Jared (possibly Satan) Kushner didn't even talk to Palestinians when making his 'peace plan' (in his disastrous interview)... although i can't find the quote and lost interest
Wed Jun 05 11:57:34
Trump doesn't give a shit about the Palestinians. His grand middle east peace plan is to prop up a strongman dictator in Israel and force a peace upon the Palestinians that they will have to accept.

Hence him letting Netanyahu take the golan heights and expand settlements is all a part of a blatant quid pro quo where Trump expects Israel to do his bidding.

A big part of Trump's re-election plan is to say he created peace in the middle east and win the Jewish vote.

It's a laughably amateurish plan but then again he's a laughably retarded person.
Wed Jun 05 11:58:10
Which is to say he needs Netanyahu to win so he can fulfill his fake peace deal and/or create some kind of Israeli wag-the-dog situation before the November 2020.
Wed Jun 05 12:20:52
I thought that Netanyahu's failure to form a coalition was due to Lieberman being a power-hungry twat and unresolved issues over whether ultra-Orthodox students should be forced to serve in the army.

But sure, we can pretend that this is all due to ORANGE MAN BAD if you want. TDS fucking confirmed.
Wed Jun 05 12:39:56
Yep, Rugian is the new hot rod.
Wed Jun 05 15:00:37
"Donald Trump’s peace plan"

Lol is that what we're calling complete subjugation now?
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