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Average Ameriacn
Tue Jun 11 11:02:14

the wanderer
Tue Jun 11 11:35:39
who was a top harasser last presidency?

really infuriating what Barr did, letting the 'no obstruction' narrative settle in for weeks

couldn't be more clear Mueller found obstruction
Tue Jun 11 14:33:33
yeah, thats why mueller says he didnt find obstruction. haha tw.
the wanderer
Tue Jun 11 15:46:21
^illustrating the reason to be mad at Barr... heaps of ignorant fools

for Don Jr: Mueller laid out the elements of a campaign finance crime, & why they didn't think they could prove 2 elements, & so didn't charge

for Don: Mueller laid out the elements of obstruction (& for one instance he DID note they couldn't establish them)... but for MANY others he laid out the elements & how they fit with NO statement that they'd struggle to establish them

so why the difference and why no charge? Mueller noted before any of it he couldn't charge a sitting President... that's the significance of noting he could not exonerate Trump (exoneration is not his role, but it's to emphasize the dilemma)

there is NO reason to bring up the OLC opinion nor note he can't exonerate Trump if he found no issues

Barr fucked over the country w/ his bullshit
the wanderer
Tue Jun 11 15:48:53

but feel free to show where Mueller said he found no obstruction
Tue Jun 11 15:50:22
"Barr fucked over the country w/ his bullshit"

the wanderer
Tue Jun 11 15:51:30
see obaminated's comment

or all R's saying 'case closed', what could Mueller have said to indicate more clearly that it wasn't?

(within his parameters)
the wanderer
Tue Jun 11 15:53:32
also being bullshit is just factual

we know Mueller wrote Barr a letter to fix the impression he gave of the report & we know Barr ignored him

(that's two fuck-ups)
Tue Jun 11 15:59:59
And you don't think it's hyperbolic in the slightest to say he "fucked over the country"?

the wanderer
Tue Jun 11 19:06:37
we have a totally unfit president

Barr tossed a blanket over his crimes, so now all Fox News watchers think no obstruction found (see obaminated... or that video of some woman after Justin Amash's town hall who said she watches conservative news & had no idea anything found against Trump) and the disgusting R politicians all latching onto the wagon of shit Barr created & continuing the nonsensical 'case closed' conclusion

so yes, he fucked over the country... and he's not done, he's been fueling Trump's BS claim of corrupt FBI with insinuations without evidence... we'll see what minor complaints he digs up for Trump & Fox News to then call TREASON (& Barr be fine with it)

Barr was fine with 'witch hunt' & 'hoax' by a legal investigation by his own dept, plus no complaints on 'treason' claims so far

so ridiculous
Wed Jun 12 00:53:57
“if we had had confidence that the President clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.”


Fucking cuckservatives wrong as usual
the wanderer
Wed Jun 12 01:59:21
^and Mueller reiterated in his press conference "the Justice Dept" can't deal with the situation

(a no doubt purposeful slap at Barr trying to make the call on obstruction which he had no business doing, it was extremely clear in the report that's not what Mueller intended)

if Barr kept his mouth shut & let the report speak for itself it would've been entirely natural for Congress to take it up... instead he created the atmosphere that it's entirely partisan to do so
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