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Utopia Talk / Politics / Free hong kong!!!
Sam Adams
Wed Jun 12 16:56:20
Down with beijing!!!
Wed Jun 12 18:33:25
This is one protest that is 100% warranted. No one who has even an inkling of freedom would ever want to be subjected to China's totalitarian nightmare of a government. Long live Hong Kong!
The Children
Thu Jun 13 00:27:14
lol stfu u idiots.

free guam and free californaia.

free america from the white men.

Thu Jun 13 07:24:43
Rugian wants murderers to go free. A Hong Kong citizen can committ murder in mainland China and go free. This new law is supposed to fix that. If you murder someone in China, then the authorities in Hong Kong will hand you over to Chinese authorities and you will stand on trial in China. It is fair.
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