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Utopia Talk / Politics / Munchausen by proxy syndrome
Wed Jun 12 19:07:46
Or, as previous generations used to call it, parents with transgender children.

Change my mind.

Just because a bunch of groupthinking academics sign off on a certain form of child abuse doesn't mean that Haley Joel Osment isn't still going to be horrified to see it in his tent. ffs
Wed Jun 12 19:09:52
Case A: Seb and his family (with credit to Sam):


What a lovely cultural fad this is. At least when teenage emos used to cut themselves, they didn't their parents and school officials encouraging them to continue self-harming.
Thu Jun 13 00:08:40
*yawn*. Monkey see fox news. Monkey do.
Thu Jun 13 01:55:24

I'm sorry, by in my mind there is a world of fucking difference between indulging a minor who wishes to be called by a different pronoun and hormone treatment. Frankly I'm flabbergasted that any medical practice signed off on it.

Put it this way, it's like me calling you a paedophile because you think it's ok to compliment a 17 year by calling her pretty.

This is something that needs to be approached delicately and it's right that the social services are investigating.

Incidentally, if you think foster parents manipulating kids into changing gender is wrong, aren't you implicitly accepting it's wrong for society to attempt to bully an adult who wishes to identify as a different gender into not doing so?
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