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Utopia Talk / Politics / lets talk about old series part 1
The Children
Thu Jun 13 02:36:01
lets talk about LOST.

i been rewatchin this shit last weeks.
currently at Season 3.

ofc i watched this years ago but just bored lately so watchin this shit now.

and what striked me most, things that i missed the first time around.

1) who are the ultimate cucks on the islands?
Boone, Jin, Charlie.

they vie for 1st place each. boone gettin used by shannon repeatedly even worse, on da night that he died she was bangin an iraqi. how much more cuck can it get than that.

he shut himself off compeltely and followed fanatic john in his advantures in the jungle and while he was dyin, she was bangin sayid.

JIN is the other cuck. ive always disliked sun in the series but only recently have i realized just how bad a bitch she really is. she really is a bad bad person a very bad woman.

not only does she treat jin with shit and totally disrespects him on every turn, but because she is a WOMAN and soft in her voice (do not be fooled, she is passive agressive), everyone always backs her up when its always her fault not jins fault.

she acts as if jin is controllin and agressive but just lookin in there past, jin had sacrificed everything for her and his reward was that she went cheatin on him.

not only did she do that and fully aware what a cheatin bitch she is, she pretended that nottin was wrong and on the island she pretended that it was jins fault. since jin does not speak english everyone treats jin as the one who is agressive when sun is the passive agressive bitch.

not only does Jin the cuck have to swallow all of that, he always has to accept the fact that she humiliates and disrespect him in front of everyone by withholdin info that she speaks english, by going against him with sayid, by telling everyone that "u dunt know what jin is capable of", by havin a child from another man.

yes, the show ofc pretends that its jins child, but why wuld any man accept a cheatin bitch. that child might aswell have been from another guy, jin shuldve dumped her.

all hobbits are cucks and it dunt matter if he is in the shire or on an island. he is a cuck.
not only does he has to take shit from a completely mental bitch claire but everyone treats him as the bad guy becoz he is a GUY and she a helpless WOMAN.
i mean she bore a child from another MAN. a man who LEFT her, abandonned her. and she acts like as if she is too good for charlie. the disrespect is almost criminal!!!

in the real world at one point is she, single fuckin mom whose husband already dumped her, too good for a CUCK willin 2 overlook that she has a child from another MAN.

not only does she not care, she is dumb as fuck and completely clueless as fuck as shannon is. the only difference between her and shannon is that she has a child and therefore all the people on the island somehow feel it is there responsible to help her out. if she was alone, she wuld starved 5 days into the crash.

CUCKlie sure got the short end of the stick.

so who is the biggest CUCK. Boone, Jin or charlie.
The Children
Fri Jun 14 14:33:32
oh well this sure is a tough call.

boone was in da jungle dyin while shannon was bangin sayid on the same beach!!

sun cheated on jin and acted like as if everything is jins fault using her english advantage 2 make everyone like her.

charlie is being treated like he aint good enough for a single mom whose so batshit crazy that her man packed his shit and left her in the real world (after knockin her up).

i have 2 say, jack shepherd is also kinda cuckish.
i mean lets not 4got that kate actually did slept with sawyer. behind his fuckin back.

the wanderer
Sat Jun 15 13:41:28
it's been too long since i watched to evaluate

Gilligan should've been killed every episode though
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