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Utopia Talk / Politics / Still bombing germany
Sam Adams
Mon Jun 24 15:43:03

Thats a pretty big crater. For falling from B17 or B24 height, its pretty impressive that bomb lasted for 75 years.
Wed Jun 26 04:17:30
Happens now and then, luckily most old bombs can be defused without problems.

In my home Münster 8 WW2 bombs have been found so far this year. Each defusing means an evacuation of the area. That's bad when there's a hospital or nursing home or similar close.

Roughly 600K bombs have been dropped during WW2 just on Münster, but most of them small incendiary bombs like this one:

The bombs that cause the problems today are the explosive bombs.
Sun Jul 07 02:14:47


Major evacuations in Frankfurt over World War II bomb

An area around Frankfurt Zoo and the European Central Bank has been evacuated so a 500-kilogram American bomb can be defused. Some 16,500 people were told to leave, including residents of a nursing home.

A huge World War II bomb discovered in Germany's financial capital Frankfurt during construction work is set to be defused on Sunday.

Efforts to make the 500-kilogram (1,100 pounds) American-origin bomb safe are expected to create widespread disruption in the city, officials said.

Around 16,500 residents were told to leave their homes by 8 a.m. local time (0600 UTC) on Sunday, while some 25 coma and stroke patients were evacuated from nearby nursing homes and hospitals to other facilities a day earlier.

Authorities have created an evacuation zone around the area that includes the site of the European Central Bank (ECB), and much of the city's east end on both sides of the Main River.

Frankfurt Zoo, which lies slightly north of the zone, was expected to remain closed on Sunday, but the animals were not expected to be moved.

Disposal could take all afternoon

Officials said that once a police operation has ensured that nobody is in the sealed-off zone, a bomb disposal team will begin their work. They are expected to start around 12 p.m. and finish by 6 p.m..

The disposal of one of the two detonators at the "head" of the bomb, which is still underground, could be problematic, officials warned.

The bomb disposal was also expected to impact public transport, with delays to regional and intercity rail services running through the city. Many trains were expected to bypass Frankfurt altogether, officials said.

Similar disruption was expected to local subway, tram and bus services, many of which were being rerouted.

Officials said flights into and out of Frankfurt airport could also be delayed if they need to shut airspace over the city temporarily during the defusing operation.

Frankfurt's fire department is well-versed in bomb disposal operations. In September 2017, 65,000 residents had to be evacuated so that a huge British "blockbuster” bomb weighing 1,600 kilograms could be removed.
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