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Utopia Talk / Politics / Mueller testifies to House
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Tue Jun 25 20:35:45
Open Session July 17th

Tue Jun 25 20:51:30
can you heart take another more breaks?
the wanderer
Tue Jun 25 21:15:22
he will have a hard time cleaning the shit off the report that Barr smeared in with his stubby fingers

Rs and Fox will continue to ignore his conclusions and go with Barr's
Tue Jun 25 21:37:05
how many times have you thought trump would go down, only for absolutely nothing to come of up?
the wanderer
Tue Jun 25 23:34:34
i'm not optimistic at all, Barr fucked over the best chance to get rid of the wholly unfit piece of shit
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